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The rant begins…

The season 4 finale should have been episode 7. The man in black walking to Bowie’s Man Who Sold The World WAS the mic drop.

The Christina stuff was boring, slow AF and not engaging throughout the entire season. Then it’s revealed that everyone in Christina’s world was made up and is basically her? I did not sign up for a House of Christina’s. That’s like going to Baskin Robbins and they only have 31flavors and they are all vanilla. That’s like having a huge closet full of shoes and they’re all Crocs. I need 4 sick days approved by Emmett at Olympiad to get over this foolishness.

We should’ve got to see more of the sublime with the hosts that made it from season 2. That was a hugely missed creative opportunity. I was really expecting to see some of this. Hopes up and hopes smashed like a metal spike going through Stubb’s head.

Also, I felt that Clementine needed more time in this season. She got robbed.

I wanted to see at least one scene where Maeve and Caleb indulged their attraction to each other. Did anyone have sex this season? Probably not because they filmed the season during the (still ongoing) pandemic.

The 1920s Chicago inspired world basically starred the art directors, set directors, and costume designers. Gorgeous Art Deco inspiration but fell flat story wise.

But it wouldn’t be W/ if there wasn’t some big bold art direction just because in a least a few episodes.

Maeve and Bernard’s business as usual pedestrian deaths at the tower were insulting and ridiculous for those of us who have stuck with the show from season 1, episode 1. Poor Maeve still floating and getting pruny skin in that water feature ain’t right!

Aaron Paul did a great job this season with all the father daughter stuff. Very meaningful. And his glitching was Peter Abernathy worthy.

Ed Harris did a phenomenal job this season. Until he said the “if you can’t tell, does it really matter” line at the Hoover dam with Charlotte. I wanted to throw a shoe (or can of condensed milk) at my tv. I can’t believe Ed agreed to say that tired ass line again.

The finale leaving us with humanity as scorched earth is depressing. I find the interactions between the hosts and humans to be the most compelling and now humans are all gone? WTF. I am not interested in Dolores new “dangerous” game back at Sweetwater. Well, maybe if Logan returns.

Dude, and the finale was very stressful because HBO’s precarious undetermined fate. Who knows if season 5 will even come to fruition. No wonder they made the finale title Que Sera, Sera. Only old buggers like me (I’m Gen X) even remotely remember that song. It’s like the Nolans just gave up. Someone get them some coffee and motivation stat.

Thanks for the podcast. Appreciate all the time and effort that goes into each pod episode!

Lee from Costa Mesa, CA

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