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Hey fellas,
Hope you’re all doing well. I’m going to begin with just a touch of flattery because you definitely deserve it. I’m absolutely loving Watchmen and how engaging the show is. I’ve been listening to a lot of the 238052 podcasts that have come out about it, but yours is one of only two I know I’m never going to skip. i love the coverage and the takes you all bring. So much so that I’m already excited for season 3 of Westworld. That being said, on to my point.

I’ve heard numerous people say that the Veidt video confession that LG watches doesn’t make sense in the story and it seems a bit unnecessary, and my reaction is “Whhhyyyyy????”

Ozzy’s scenes are by far the weirdest and most confusing, sure, but they are also the most intriguing. My take is that every thing we’ve seen him do has been part of whatever his plan is. We found out this week that there are satelites around him so it’s conceivable he is being watched 24/7. I feel like everything he’s done, and I mean ev-ery-th-ing has been part of the plan. People talk about how he’s losing it? What?

We see him lose it and destroy the Phillipsicle that comes back frozen, but what if he was acting – you know, like you would do in a play – you know, like how he was shown to have written a play? He antagonizes the Game Warden (seemingly over years) to make it seem like he is slowly going crazy, what if that too is part of the play?

Yeah, it may seem crazy that he massacred every Crookshanks and Phillips (Phillipi?)…but then he literally uses all of those bodies to write out a message, and that is just COINCIDENTALLY moments after he exits whatever magical illusion is holding him? I don’t buy it.

Maybe we are shown the video to remind us all and clue us all in as to the fact that this crazy S.O.B. knows how to plan. Right or wrong, he DID kinda stop the Cold War…and he set things in motion for Redford to be made president seven (7!) years later. And he flat out says in a very confident manner, “No…Ms. Crookshanks, it’s only just begun…” once he starts the performances… I’m rambling, but my take is that ALL of the crazy is playing out like this because he is pulling the strings in order to… *ahem*… okay so I haven’t figured that part out yet. I don’t know why he is there…I don’t know why I think Dr Manhattan is the reason he is there or why I think that his message was actually to Dan Dreiberg…I just know I think he’s plotting crazy shit again.

I had a brief moment where I thought Trieu was trying to make Nostalgia out of Dr. Manhattan’s memories because what better way to cement a legacy than to exist throughout all of time at once…but they seem to have nipped that in the bud by introducing the fact that there has to be some biological connection when it comes to Nostalgia…

Anyway, would love to hear you guys kick around some ideas as to what’s going on with Veidt and what in the hell his plan could be IF my theory does hold true. Okay. I’m going to respectfully shut up after rambling for what seems like hours.

Thank you all for all you do,
Leif (“life”)

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