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Nutshell: Westworld is the AI origin myth. Dolores is Adam. God is bicameral and is the partnership of two: Ford, obviously, and Arnold, who is hiding in the person of Old Bill. Ford has been quite clear that “humans are a stain on this world”…and “Someone’s got to burn it clean”. Humans have broken evolution and are ‘done”. What will replace them?

Meanwhile, the regular humans on the outside have 2 problems: overpopulation, and mortality. Delos has a research project which essentially addresses both. The theme park is a mere distraction compared to the incalculable value of that IP. Magnificent Charlotte is the Judas Steer. She thinks she can realize this treasure with a hostile takeover, and she has seduced the board, aka the herd, to follow her….to slaughter.

The finale is going to be spectacular both with a present old testament style “flood”, and resolution of past mysteries. Peter Abernathy, as the “professor” and Old Bill, will have pivotal roles. Don’t worry, even if I am right, it ruins nothing, because there is no predicting the rich multi-layered presentation of Westworld, with unbeatable cast, music, effects, and direction.

Next season? The preview has been out for decades: it’s called Bladerunner. 🙂

– Charlie W.

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