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Hello from your regular listener, sporadic river-ranter.
I’ve just finished the last episode. “Born to grunt” is a wonderful slogan for a t-shirt. Or a tombstone.

To answer your question: I think James should die, it makes a lot of sense plot-wise, and I honestly don’t see any other satisfactory resolution. But I really, really don’t want him to, it seems such a waste, and I’d love to see his character explored further. However, Steven Knight is involved here, and knowing what they did on Peaky Blinders, I’m more hopeful for an unexpected ending. If you’re not familiar with that show – they managed to get the protagonist out of certain death in a way that doesn’t insult your intelligence or make you quit watching.

Moving on to my main point – I’m really worried about Zilpha. I agree with you: James is obviously trying to push her away for her own good, but we’ve seen her become both more resolved and reckless. I’m afraid that she might do something drastic either to convince him they do belong together or in retaliation for the perceived rejection. To be pushed away after overcoming all her moral and religious inhibitions, after breaking several taboos, she must be justifiably devastated. And in the midst of James’ intricate plan she seems to be a rare unpredictable factor, the only thing that surprises him. I don’t have any concrete ideas as to how, but I just wonder if she will be the one to bring about the fall of the house of Delaney?

I both want and don’t want the next Saturday to come 🙂
Keep up the good work,


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