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Happy 4th Season renewal!

So I know by the time you receive this you will be talking about episode 7 and some of my talking points my be revealed or irrelevant but I’ve been listing to like twelve podcast about Westworld and most have only lightly touched on some of these points or ignored them entirely.

“• Color scheme

I don’t think the black and white clothes mean good or evil like black and white did in classic westerns. They show alignment either to an ideal or to group interest for a certain race. Delores, Caleb, and anyone aligned with them are in black. Either representing that their interest will either serve the hosts or freedom/chaos. Serac and Maeve when she is first embodied and William after the inner journeys place are in white representing either their action either being in the interest of humanity or order as opposed to Delores’ chaos. While Stubs and Bernard are both dressed in both black and white showing a composite loyalty to both humanity and host or order and freedom.

“• Rehoboam history

“• Saul good first king until it went to his head and he started doing this his own way and disobeying gods laws. David greatest kind until adultery and arranged murder of husband to hid adultery. Promised conflict for rest of days for that sin. Son Solomon wisest king also great, Golden Age for Israel, Despite initial sovereign successes, the end of Solomon’s rule was marked by several insurrections and attacks from both foreign and domestic enemies, as well as a disintegration of national and religious integrity because of cultural appeasements within Israel, which compromised and weakened the social fabric of the United Kingdom He built the temple to God with a lot of heavy taxes and hard labor. This weakened the society and built up resentment to the king. When Rehoboam took over the older council of his father told him to lighten the taxes and reduce the labor a lot so the people could rest, but the new friends, young councilors of the Rehoboam said, don’t take that show them who is boss, make them labor harder, tax higher. He did and got a rebellion, war and a split kingdom. His kingdom of Judah and the other tribes Kingdom of Israel. Rehoboam policies led to his on united kingdom’s division and I believe something similar may happen in the real world. A division either of humans and host or those who follow Rehoboam or Delores. His action lead to this and points to another bullet point.

“• Secard and the prediction of Rehoboam about the future apocalypse.

Secard said no matter what they did that at a certain point Rehoboam always predicted humanities destruction and blamed it on these uncontrolled variable people. But another option is that it is Rehoboam itself or how it is being used that will lead to that apocalypse and is why it always predicts humanities doom. Either by trying to control humanities nature or because of some bad basic assumptions about human inputted by Secard and his brother.

“• Forge Logan human no free will vs Rehoboam variable humans not predictable

Forge Logan said humans have no free will but Rehoboam said there are some humans who are unpredictable. Logan said they can’t change, but unpredictable literally means change. Can they both be right? Is Roaboam really that much worse than the Forge or are they both making some assumptions. Roaboam about the importance of the variable and the Forge that the human who make it through the park are the kind that work with Roaboams system and mostly aren’t unpredictable and those not variable and thus not having much free will? It is also possible the Forge is missing some understanding of what make humans unpredictable and can’t reproduce it in a simulation. That would seem possible if the William is a variable but is still predictable in the Forge.

“• Deloras Hall killing Hector instead of just stealing the pearls

Why did she bother crushing Hectors pearl? Stealing his, Maeves and the others pearls and putting them in her purse would have been just as effective and might have gottern her allies in the future to save their race and help her in particular since Secard wouldn’t be able to control them anymore.

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