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Hi guys, Trevor from NJ. First time long time and all that jazz. Been with the show since the first season of Westworld and have also listened along with Game of Thrones. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your days.

With all the pleasantries out of the way I must say that I have a very firm stance when I say that in my opinion this season of Watchmen might be the perfect sequel of a work of fiction and to have another season within the decade would be a disservice to the original work AND this show.

I’ve just listened to the instacast and couldn’t help but feel disappointed when it was said that you wished there were more surprises in the season. However, after listening over the course of the past few weeks you all have been surprised in one form or another by the show but because of the weekly groupthink it feels as though these thoughts were common knowledge at times.

To touch on another point. When I viewed the first episode of this season I must admit that I was underwhelmed. I’ve never been a die hard fan of the original Watchmen but I have both read the graphic novel and seen the Snyder film and have always seen the story as something that was a staple of the time it was written and appreciated it as a new take on the superhero story. This season is of our time. I am having trouble wrapping my head around any plot that could occur a year from now that wouldn’t muddy this seasons plot or seem like anything more than a cash grab. I believe in my heart of hearts that the HBO Watchmen has proved that these stories need to be told throughout times of change and not in a continuous stream like a string of tv seasons. Lindelof even mentions that if Angela was revealed to be able to walk on water and if she’s not would’ve been a lose lose situation so to continue a story with her would ruin the mystery of this season anyway.

I know it’s a little longwinded but I hope that I have been clear and succinct with my message. Also “I’m glad you enjoyed the tomatoes”.

All best wishes and encouragement,

Trevor from NJ

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