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Hey guys!

First, I love your podcast — keep up the good work!

Second, on the question of which of the staff members are hosts (and it seems likely that at least one is), I’m on the Theresa Cullen side. What really tipped me off is when Bernard makes a remark to her about her eye movement, when she’s angry, and how he wants to take a photo. Something about her facial tics in that scene are just …. off. I can’t describe it, more of a “I know it when I see it.” And his wanting to take a photo, it’s almost as if he knows she’s a host and wants to figure out what in her code allows her to have those facial movements so he can add it into his. That also, of course, then plays into whether or not she is practicing and error correcting after sleeping together. If he knows, he’s sort of testing or teaching her.

Also, when Sizemore asks her when she gets to rotate back home, she doesn’t actually answer. Which would make sense if she’s already home. Plus, in a conversation with Bernard about Quality Assurance getting upset if she’s got smoking indoors, I felt like we were being led to believe that she is the head of QA which, if she is a host, is just amazingly genius.

Again, keep doing what you’re doing. Looking forward to future episodes!

PS I am also a believer in the William = MIB theory, too

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