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Hey guys!

I like the 2 timeline theory. JJ Abrams is fantastic when it come’s to time. So This is my thought. Maybe wrong, but here comes my Crackpot theory.

I like the Teddy is based on William theory. I think that Teddy, and the man in black are in the current timeline. Delores and William are in the 30 year ago timeline. Delores and Arnold (Bernard) talking is in the past as well.

I think the story between William and Delores going through to the maze is an explanation of the incident that happened 30 years ago. I believe they travel together William Dies Delores goes crazy, (like when Maeve lost her daughter) and in order to calm her they wiped his death and said he left and would be back. They made Teddy to keep her in her loop and not hunt for the maze again. That would explain why Ford dislikes her so much, because she almost destroyed the park.

The man in Black is Logan. He would have helped to stop Delores and invested in the park because it was going under, especially after the incident .

Now that he is back in the park Ford has created an adversary for him. Wyatt. Wyatt is at the center of the maze, Making Teddy his guide to the center of the maze. That is where they discover that Delores is Wyatt.
(The last time we saw Delores in the current timeline is when Teddy left with the first group to go after Wyatt)

Logan and Delores would be the ultimate rivals.

There are holes, I think Bernard and Maeve will be the catalyst for the awakening that is coming.

I love the show. I think you guys are great and I look forward to see what’s next. Thanks


Nezette Scott-Tyson

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