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Hey Guys

Already starting to get bummed about not having this great show to watch. You guys are great and I wanted to throw out a few ideas I have been thinking about.

In trace decay when charlotte was in Sizemore’s office I noticed hanging on the wall some sketches of locations and hosts for I am assuming his narratives. One of the sketches was a picture of the horned beast like host that attacked teddy and man in black. Check it out!! Makes me wonder if this narrative that teddy and MIB are in was set up by Sizemore, Ford, or Arnold. No way this is a coincidence the picture I am referring to was exactly the beast that attacked MIB. So if it’s not Ford, is Arnold using other characters for Wyatts “maze.” I know we are led to believe that Ford is in total control but clearly something is not quite right. By showing us that Ford had Bernard kill Elsie makes me wonder if Ford is really the one trying to send info out of the park. Why else would he kill her? Just because she found out about Teresa?? In my opinion Teresa did nothing wrong. It was all fords plan. Whatever or who ever Arnold is is somehow controlling hosts without his Ford knowing.

I love hearing all of your crack pot theories but ultimately I believe what’s really going on is completely unknown. My ultimate theory is that there are many other worlds connected to west world like for example a medieval world and a Roman Empire world like they eluded to the opening scene of the westworld movie. That’s the only way I can see this going on for 5+ seasons. I think Maeve rebels and tries to escape only find out she gets thrown into a whole other world. Also the characters that started crawling out of the desert at the very end seemed more medieval to me.

Lastly William has to be the MIB makes too much sense. William loves his experience there but goes home to his fiancé get married but always thinks about the fun he had. So he likes to go back. His wife can tell how miserable he is in the real world and that leads to her suicide and him going back to find his true self. A journey he never got to complete when he was younger.

Let me know what you think and keep up the good work. I tried emailing a few weeks ago and never heard back. Hope you are getting my emails. – Mike From Ohio

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  1. December 3, 2016

    […] Hello Shat on TV hosts. Love your podcast and would like to share some questions I have after watching WestWorld S1E8 (season 1, episode 8 “Trace Decay”) […]

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