Vilifying White People in American Gods

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You knew you were going to get a lot of emails about this and so I’m going to throw my 2cents into the dumpster fire..

I was enjoying your debate until the person that found this opening stupid said ” Sooo vilifying an entire segment of Americans is okay, as long as the vision for the show stays the same….”

First off – ITS NOT THAT DEEP and you KNOW that’s not what your co-host was saying, so please with your liberal BS. (As a granola eating, pilates reforming, Massachusetts living, gay wedding attending, LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE, I feel like one of us had to say that to you)…

But second off, lets STOP being gentle for white peoples feelings.

Since the inception of this country is has been WHITE PEOPLE vilifying everyone else, unjustifiably, and calling it something different.

  • Its the reason that American was “discovered” and the pilgrims aren’t vilified as the scared, murderous thugs they should be called.
  • Its the reason there is a debate about “States Rights'” when we all KNOW the civil war was fought over the right to keep slaves, the southern state’s rights to keep slaves.
  • Its the reason why if there is any type of terrorist attack by a brown person, some well known Muslim person has to come out and condemn there actions..


White people throughout the history of this great nation have only gotten very rich, profitable and successful, by MASS VILIFYING people who do not look like them.

I’ll also point out – the people who were holding the guns and shooting, their faces weren’t shown, so no one KNOWS they were white. They could have been OTHER AMERICAN MEXICANS shooting them – the point of the segment was that these people both believe in “Christ”, so lets explore the different forms Christ takes and what “Christ” actually means to each incarnation of “Jesus”….

(And on a personal not note meant to be read or consumed outside of You, the hosts eyes, I feel this is reason there is 60+ violently racist old white men still kicking around these united states, voting for Donald Trump, because instead of white people saying at the dinner table “No grandpa, that is not true of black people (brown people, Mexicans etc) and I’m not going to allow you to say that about people at this dinner table/around my children etc..” that things have gotten this bad.

For whatever reason my Grandmother hated Puerto Ricans, but whenever she said something racist my parents CHECKED HER HARD by saying, that’s not true and I’m not going to allow you to say that. You’ll need to leave if you are going to continue to talk about our neighbors like that…white people just say “Oh grandpa is so silly…”

WHEW..I’m done, I’m done! Now I’m going to listen to the rest of your podcast – 35more mins to go.

Best regards,
Tiffany B.

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