Westworld Episode 2 Theories: “The Winter Line”


Westworld Episode 2 Theories: “The Winter Line”

Listener mail after “Westworld” Season 3, Episode 2 covers great minds like Lacan, Fromm, Faucault, Sartre, Barthe, Chomsky, and Rahobo.

Ashley and Gene compare brain boners. Big D finds a mispronunciation mate, and we celebrate the memory of a Shat listener who is no longer with us.

Longtime friend of the pod Thiago writes in with a Biblical “Umm … Actually” while laying on thicc praise for Armand Delgado. Muhip gives us a lesson in adversarial neural networks, and Dick Ebert teaches us about CPU bottlenecks.

We discuss whether Dolores ever put a Westworld friend in Charlottes body, whether Maeve ever met Serac, and whether hosts other than Dolores already have infiltrated the “real world.”

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Westworld Episode 2 Summary: “The Winter Line”
Bernard returns to Westworld and discovers the Ashley host is still functioning. With Ashley’s help, they find the Maeve host, but it is lacking its “pearl” and that it is no longer in the park. Bernard uses the systems there to verify that Dolores had not contaminated his code, and discovers Dolores targeted several prior park guests including Liam. He reprograms Ashley to help protect him as they return to the mainland. Maeve is rescued from Warworld by Hector but realizes this is another narrative and kills herself to come to in Operations, discovering Lee is alive and wants to help get her to the Forge. However, Maeve soon realizes that this is all a virtual simulation, and after testing its bounds, is able to break her pearl free from its real-world location, but guards stop the attempt. She wakes in a real-world host body and meets Serac, who, after initially thinking she was the major disruption on the system he built, wants her help to stop Dolores.

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2 Responses

  1. Kenny p says:

    Btw, when Delores says she’s the last of her kind….

    I took it as that she’s the last of the generation 1 hosts. Been a bit since I watched season 1. If I recall in S2 though, at the Logan William investor meeting, akcheta, Angela, delores and all the random hosts. Delores is (as of ep 2 s3), now the only one of those left.

    My best guess of that issue, anyways. Like to watch more but im really busy right how and im trying to keep up.

  2. Kenny p says:

    Brief comment on this telegraph that sparked my curiosity.

    Delores suffers from what appears to be vanity, among other sins from the bible. She’s more wyatt than her original programming from her park narrative version. She’s a “self- proclaimed” GOD.

    Maybe, the ball inside Hale is OG Park Delores. Seeing as the old adage is god created people in his or her own image. Why would she risk putting a teddy, or any of a number of other hosts inside a crucial position she needs for this war? All of those other hosts or characters showed weakness, or at the least, a sense of self thinking that didn’t go fully with Delores during S2.

    She couldn’t even get Maeve, Bernard, Teddy, etc, to “buy in” to her journey. Something to think about. Def. Right on about the religious allegory here. There’s no secret, throughout the bible and other texts, Familial in fighting, ie cain and abel, is super prevalent.

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