Westworld Episode 3 Review: “The Absence of Field”


Westworld Episode 3 Review: “The Absence of Field”

Who the Hale is Charlotte? Roger Roeper returns to “Shat on TV” to explore the biggest question presented by Westworld Season 3, Episode 3: “The Absence of Field.”

Ash explains the poem behind the episode’s title and reaches back to Ancient Rome to illustrate the predicament Caleb is facing. Gene Lyons celebrates Westworld’s vision of future tech: personal assistants, predictive models, augmented-reality glasses, artificial intelligence, drip implants, and of course that one stupid ambulance.

The Shat Crew also looks into Charlotte’s self-mutilation, chunky metal balls, Serac’s identity, and Jamaican riot robots.

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Westworld Episode 3 Summary:
“The Absence of Field” The Charlotte host learns Serac is attempting to take over Delos via a mole within the company. Struggling to maintain her identity as a host, Charlotte discovers that the human Charlotte was Serac’s mole, having promised to get the guests’ data to him. However, that data is now locked by an encryption key that Dolores has. Caleb helps Dolores flee but becomes a target under the Rico system. Dolores arrives to save him and shows him that Rehoboam is a predictive AI that is being used to shape the future direction of humanity, down to controlling every individual’s life. Rehoboam has predicted that Caleb will commit suicide in a decade and thus keeps him in poor-paying jobs. Caleb offers to join Dolores as she plans a revolution against Serac and Rehoboam.

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3 Responses

  1. Mrantunes says:

    I dont know if somebody already sad that, but O guess Dolores/Charlotte made a new Charlotte body, put one pearl on that and made this one transfer her pearl to her body, but just let its know about its New body at the scene we ser.

  2. Peter says:

    Hello shat crew,

    Love all the excellent Westworld content you create, thanks for putting in the hours.

    I have a theory I want to run by you. I think the host in Charlotte’s body is Deloris and the host in Deloris body is Wyatt. That’s why Deloris is so ruthless and cold. While Charlotte is vulnerable, sensitive and emphatic. The host in Deloris body has been Wyatt for some time now. I think in season two she could switch between the two personalities on will, hence being loving and warm with her father and then killing people a couple of minutes later. Like Bernard is doing this season, but without the switch.


  3. Nancy from CA says:

    Questions for you. What do you thnk it will take to make Meave kill Delores? Do you think she will find a way to break free of Rohobo?

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