Westworld Episode 3 Theories: “Annees Folles”

Westworld Episode 3 Theories: “Annees Folles”

Just how long was Bernard in The Sublime, and when are we now? Listeners weighed in this week with voicemail and email ranging from conservatively logical to Big D’s Express Train to Crazytown.

Season 4, Episode 3 also had listeners thinking deep about identity when it comes to Christina, Charlotte, Maya, William, Frankie, and even Peter. The Shat Crew received some hot takes on how good and how bad “Westworld” has become, and Discount Don peered deep into the madness that is TV podcasting.

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Westworld Episode 3 Summary:
Maeve and Caleb find the Temperance park to follow events similar to Westworld and sneak in among killed hosts to enter the maintenance areas. There, Maeve senses something is still off as Dolores’ attack on Westworld is also mimicked, and they find yet another level where it appears human captives are forced to act on sound, killing themselves. Bernard meets Akecheta in the Sublime, who informs him of the infinite possibilities that lead to destruction but one path which doesn’t. Bernard wakes, years later in the real world. He and Ashley follow steps that Bernard sees as taking the right path, including meeting up with a human resistance to find a weapon. Uwade and Frankie pack to leave their home with the help of Caleb’s friend Carver. Frankie senses something is wrong with Carver and finds the human Carver’s dead body. Telling her mom, the two hide from the fake Carver and kill him. Caleb discovers Frankie as one of the test subjects, but Maeve discovers too late there is something off, and Frankie is revealed as a host, exposing Caleb to the droning sound of flies.

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