Westworld Episode 10 Review: “The Passenger”

Westworld Episode 10 Review The Passenger
Westworld Episode 10 Review The Passenger

Westworld Episode 10 Review: “The Passenger”

We couldn’t agree on Dolores’ Five Pearls, the Man in Black’s post-credits scene, or where the hosts went. So we went to the source. Roger scours a Lisa Joy interview explaining “The Passenger” and quizzes Gene and Big D on what the heck we saw during the Season 2 finale.

Also, Gene issues a massive mea culpa for all the things he got wrong this season. Big D apologizes for his flubs. And Roger kinda sorta says he might maybe have gotten something possible wrong. But also maybe not.

Westworld Episode 10 Summary:
“The Passenger” Maeve manages to escape the Mesa and reunite with her group, and they, Bernard, Dolores, Akecheta, William, and Delos all begin to converge on the Valley. Dolores and Bernard enter first and find the Forge, a more advanced version of the Cradle. Dolores reads some of the guest data as the Forge opens the “Door” for Akecheta and his people to upload their minds into the Forge. Bernard kills Dolores to prevent her from destroying the Forge and flees with Elsie back to the Mesa. Maeve and her group sacrifice themselves holding off Delos forces to ensure Aketcehta and Maeve’s daughter escape to the Forge. Charlotte murders Elsie to keep her quiet, convincing Bernard to build a host version of Charlotte with Dolores’ mind. Dolores kills and replaces Charlotte while Bernard scrambles his own memories. In the present, Dolores kills Strand and Bernard while transferring the host minds in the Forge to a safer location. She then escapes back to the mainland where she rebuilds Bernard, knowing that he will oppose her plan to destroy humanity and hoping their resulting conflict will ensure the survival of the hosts. In a post-credits scene, William finds himself in a simulation with Emily, who is testing him for “fidelity”.

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10 Responses

  1. tev says:

    Sound effects were an amazing touch, had me in stitches! You guys are the best (except gene) keep up the amazing work! And stop dissing taboo, it was a really good show!

  2. tev says:

    Are you lot forgetting, that ford downloaded himself into maive, do you really think he’d just download himself into one person! C’mon guys, no one’s noticed this?

  3. Uppity Chalkley says:

    Y’all are entirely too clever to be making mistakes like thinking Teddy had an exit wound. Also, why is no one taking ab the host data being in the forge, where, like the cradle, they’re walking around being used in simulation. This seems like a no-brainer to me.
    LOVE your podcast btw!

  4. Rachel Matz says:

    In terms of Teddy’s pearl, we know Dolores took it out of him after he dies. Just because we see Teddy’s body go into the void it doesn’t mean it was Teddy. I still think it’s likely she brought him out.

    • Dick Ebert says:

      As Holores is walking down the dock to the seaplane’s boat shuttle, she says “some of the best were left behind” and we then see her put Teddy’s Pearl into the Forge. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DgsajrFU8AUyION.jpg

      • Jannik says:

        But just because Teddy’s data in the control unit is copied into the forge doesn’t mean Dolores can’t use the unit in a new body in the real world, does it?
        Also, do we know that the hardware limitations of a host CU prohibits bringing a virtual host along out of the park? This way Dolores could have brought others with her which she didn’t have the possibility to get the physical CUs from. Maeve for example, as long as the data was transfered before she went offline. We know Ford could stay in Bernards CU but he was also just a simple human.

        • FrenchyMustachio says:

          I thought it wasn’t a copy but a full transfer when they enter the valley beyond. Earlier in the season they mentioned a percentage of the hosts they were pulling out of the canyon were “virgins” with no data. It explains why a percentage were virgins (those that went through the door) and the others were those that were killed by other hosts/QA when Clementine arrived.

  5. Steve M says:

    Good deep dive! I think we have to accept the story as it is being told. Predictions seem pointless inasmuch as we have too much time to make them. And with those predictions come suppositions which beget questions and impatience. Let’s enjoy the ride and try not to worry about what’s around the next bend, but expect something new and aurprising.. Gotta trust the authors.

  6. Steve M says:

    Oddly, Haley Joel Osmont said he dod the same eyes moving/then head in the movie “AI”.

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