Westworld Episode 7 Theories: “Les Ecorches”

Westworld Episode 7 Theories: “Les Ecorches”
Westworld Episode 7 Theories: “Les Ecorches”

Westworld Episode 7 Theories: “Les Ecorches”

Episode 7 heats up the Westworld debate as listeners write in to argue Charlotte could be Charlie; Dolores and Maeve are conflicting views of feminism; Angela really could charm the grenade off a horny QA thug; artificial intelligence is just waiting to spring its trap; someone’s going to rescue the Man in Black; and more.

Voicemails start at the 1:02 mark and include the possibility we’ve only seen a simulated world so far, the idea Emily wasn’t searching for the Man in Black in the first place, and another freaky message from Driver Bob.

This week’s Instacast was extra short, so we made the Telegraph extra long. Bone apple tea!

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Westworld Episode 7 Summary:
“Les Ecorches” Strand, Charlotte and Stubbs discover Bernard is a host and interrogate him about Dolores’ attack on the Mesa. In flashback, Bernard finds Ford’s persona among the other hosts’ backup memories in the Cradle. Ford reveals that Westworld was an attempt to create a digital consciousness and grant immortality. Ford imprints himself on Bernard’s control unit and exits the simulation where he has Bernard aid in Dolores’ takeover of the Mesa. Angela kills herself to destroy the Cradle while Dolores finds Peter, who has regained his memories. She cuts him open to retrieve the control module. In the park, Maeve hides with her daughter from Akecheta but is found by William, who thinks she is another test by Ford. She turns his men against him, but before they can kill William, Delos forces alerted by Lee arrive and incapacitate her, while the Ghost Nation ride off with her daughter. Lee has Maeve returned to the Mesa, where Dolores warns her about her memories of her daughter being a means of controlling her. In the present, Bernard reveals the location of Peter’s control unit in the same place they first found him: the Valley Beyond.

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6 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Look at the relationship between Hector and Maeve. Their sexual attraction is way hot and Maeve’s in charge, but you tend to trust her intent as honest passion. She certainly never bullshits Hector. Yet, it has been Felix since season one that has developed a real bond for Maeve. He is, after all, willingly complicit in Maeve’s evolution and jeopardizes his own career, and life, on her behalf. I am not sure Maeve appreciates that bond and devotion, at least not yet.

    Maeve’s sense of humor, and she is the only awake host who seems to have one, allows comfortable banter with her human companions. Her sense of irony and sarcasm has a real sense of self and self-confidence, and of insight into the human psyche. That is some evolution of AI.

    I think Sizemore is finding himself more empathetic to Maeve as a personality, but not as a “person.” The seeds of his own personality are planted in Hector. As Hector has gone off-script in his attraction to Maeve, perhaps we will see Sizemore become attracted to Maeve as a person. In the end, it’s all about respect.

  2. Steve M says:

    Ford wrote the narratives before Sizemore. I think one of Ford’s beefs against Delos is the change of direction in narrative/purpose. He did take refuge in Sweetwater when he Cradled himself, comfortable on his own cornerstone.

  3. Greg says:

    After listening to your rosters for alternative “Westworld”, I could definitely think of worst/different:

    The Asylum version: Judd Hirsch(Ford), Jaleel White(Arnold), Robert Picardo(MIB), Debbie Gibson(Dolores) and Lorenzo Lamas(Teddy) and Imani Hakim(Maeve).

    The Michael Bay version: Jon Voight(Ford), Anthony Anderson(Arnold), John Turturro (MIB), Megan Fox(Dolores), Josh Duhamel (Teddy), Lais Ribeiro(Maeve) and Steve Buscemi(Lawrence).

    And the Quentin Tarantino: Bruce Dern(Ford), Samuel L. Jackson(Arnold), Kurt Russell(MIB), Uma Thurman(Dolores), Eric Stoltz(Teddy) and Kerry Washington(Maeve).


    • Brendan Costello says:

      Funny, but I was kind of hoping Buscemi would make it into both MIchael Bey and Tarantino versions…perhaps again as Lawrence, just so long as he’s getting killed multiple times. (Or is that the Coen bros. version? Which would no doubt include Turturro as well.)
      Coen Bros: John Goodman (Ford), Wayne Brady (Bernarnold), Billy Bob Thornton (MIB), Naomi Watts (Dolores), Brad Pitt (Teddy), Marcia Gay Hardin (Maeve). As mentioned, Buscemi as Lawrence is a given (though Turturro has played the Lawrence character in a few of their films already). Just spitballin’ there, and of course there’d need to be roles for Frances McDortmund, Jeff Bridges, and George Clooney. You could slot them in wherever…. And it’s also making me realize that the Coen Bros. rarely have African American lead actors. Hmmm.

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