Can Westworld Hosts Make Babies?

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Hey guys! Absolutely love the podcast and while I usually stay away from the tinfoil side of things, something hit me during Trace Decay so thought I would send it over the telegraph for what it is worth:

When the series began and I heard that 5 seasons were somewhat mapped out, I thought to myself (in a Tracy Morgan voice) “someone’s gonna get pregnant” and now after seeing E8 I think that someone might just be Maeve much later in the series (season 2 or 3 or 4?) and I really hope at some point that Bernard is going to make sweet robot love to Maeve and they will create a very special baby together.

It feels right because they have both suffered the loss of a child and they have this grief in common. They are both protagonist that we will hopefully continue to root for and their arc could potentially go from losing a child to creating life somehow…

and if Bernard and Maeve don’t end up making a baby together, I do hope the show explores the idea of robot reproduction in the seasons ahead… but even if the show runners don’t go there at all, I am still all in. Thanks again for the time and effort you put into this podcast – I look forward to it every week!

and forget the white hat or black hat… I just want that tinfoil hat!

Hey Joe
Annapolis, Maryland

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