Westworld’s Louis Herthum “Peter Abernathy” Interview

Westworld's Louis Herthum "Peter Abernathy" Interview
Westworld's Louis Herthum "Peter Abernathy" Interview

Westworld’s Louis Herthum “Peter Abernathy” Interview

Louis Herthum plays the original Peter Abernathy in “Westworld,” and his role has exploded in Season 2. He’ll discuss key “Westworld” scenes to rewatch, dive deeper into the Peter Abernathy character, explain the Southern “fool look,” and possibly reveal horrifying secrets about “Murder, She Wrote.”

Herthum also talks parenthood, LSU football, golf, and volunteerism. Oh, and Gene gets called out in a big way.

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5 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Did Louis just confirm that Delos’ mind is in Peter and his daughter’s mind is in Dolores? That’s why she says looks like nothing to me when she sees the picture?

  2. Kenny P says:

    Guys, great job, popping noise was not a huge deal. Wanted to say how much I enjoyed the interview, and thank you Louis, I think I can speak for all the fans and say we really appreciated him taking his time to do this. Nice backtrack Gene at the end, you barely wiggled out of it, but escaped nonetheless. Seriously though, Louis is the coolest guy in the world, I’m pretty sure. Thanks guys for the great interview/conversation.

  3. Lee J. Yott says:

    They’re going to open Peter Abernathy to retrieve intel only to find that there’s nothing there… it’s in Bernard people! He uploaded it; cut and paste. Although the viewer is led to believe that Bernard’s increasing episodes of “glitching” out is solely the result of his head injury and loss of fluid, I believe it’s the combination of that and the fact that Bernard now has a massive storage of information in the old top knot. These hosts have a hard time storing this bulk load and functioning normally- just look what it does to Peter in past episodes. Peter’s malfunction and Bernard’s malfunction are similar due to the same reason.

    • Kenny P says:

      I’m not totally sure I buy that though, because he was glitching prior to his encounter with Abernathy. On top of that, Abernathy is switching between old narratives he was on, switching characters, Bernard is having trouble functioning and moving. Not switching narratives. It’s possible he uploaded the data to himself, but I’m pretty sure that Elsie would have seen it when she looked at his status. It is possible that in the time since (that we haven’t seen yet), to the present, in that Gap he could have had another instance with Abernathy and he did it then. We haven’t been shown it yet.

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