Westworld Theories & Listener Mail – March 2017

Westworld Theories & Listener Mail - March 2017
Westworld Theories & Listener Mail - March 2017

Westworld Theories & Listener Mail – March 2017

When will “Westworld” Season 2 arrive? It’s looking like October 2018, but we’re back with Westworld news from the Golden Globes, a projected series schedule and reflection for the past two months without our favorite show about robot sex and human massacres.

The fans are the stars Westworld Telegraph, and this month’s edition is loaded with ideas on the nature of the maze, the reasoning behind Shogun World, the future of the Delos board and the souls of your faithful hosts: Rog, Big D, and Gene.

Have a listen, then write us your thoughts for the April edition of Westworld Telegraph from Shat on TV. Email address: Hosts@ShatOnTV.com.

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1 Response

  1. Michael Treend says:

    Hi guys,

    Great podcast. I am a massive Westworld fan. It is probably the first show since Lost that I have really deep dived into theories etc on Reddit and other sites.

    I see season 2 being about the likes of Dolores bringing the rest of the models up to full consciousness and how they then build their society, decide on how they want to live, be governed etc.

    I’m also interested to see how the “real world” will view them. Will they be afforded human rights? How will the world deal with AI that out-competes humanity on an intellectual level?

    I don’t think the other worlds will play a massive part but I am interested to see the impact of season 1 on these worlds. Are their AI programmed with the same ‘reveries’? Who runs these particular worlds? Were they all run centrally or independently?

    So many questions and things they can get fantastically right or it could collapse under its own weight. It does not shock me to see season 2 being so far away, shows like GoT although having a huge cast and multiple story lines is still pretty linear. Westworld is on a whole new level

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