Westworld Episode 9 Review: “The Well Tempered Clavier”

Westworld Episode 9 Review: "The Well Tempered Clavier"
Westworld Episode 9 Review: "The Well Tempered Clavier"

Westworld Episode 9 Review: “The Well Tempered Clavier”

Prepare for the Westworld season finale with this fact-packed recap of Episode 9: “The Well-Tempered Clavier.” Explore Ford’s motivation for letting hosts run rampant. Consider what happened to Elsie and Stubbs. Mourn Bernarnold while digging deeper into his memories. And hear Gene try to paint Logan as a not-so-bad guy.

Other topics covered include why William chopped up an entire platoon, who Wyatt really is and what Teddy has to do with it, and a meticulous breakdown of Dolores’ journey into the church crypt.

Have a listen, get your ideas together and shoot us an email at hosts@shatontv.com to make Thursday’s Telegraph edition of the Shat on TV podcast.

Westworld Episode 9 Summary:
“The Well Tempered Clavier” Maeve reveals to Bernard that he is a host and convinces him to let her back into the park, where she meets Escaton and convinces him to help her escape the park. Bernard confronts Ford and forces him to restore all of his memories, and discovers he is a model of Arnold. Bernard attempts to kill Ford; but the latter uses a backdoor in the former’s code to force him to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Logan cuts open Dolores’s belly to show William she is not real. She manages to escape and run away, finding that the wound is suddenly gone. She reaches the church, where she learns that she killed Arnold. She then encounters the Man in Black. Logan then awakes to find that William has slaughtered all of the Confederados. William threatens Logan into helping him find Dolores. Teddy has a flashback of himself killing host Angela before she kills him. Hale meets the Man in Black, who is revealed to be a Board member, and unsuccessfully tries to gain his assistance in removing Ford. Stubbs investigates suspicious activity in the park and is ambushed by Ghost Nation hosts, who are not under control.

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12 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Possibly Delores?

    Hear me out, what if we are looking at 4 timelines? I haven’t gone back to all episodes to make sure it makes sense but this is more knee jerk reaction:

    35 years ago
    30 years ago
    1.5 years ago
    Present day

    1.5 years ago would include the storylines for the new narrative with Sizemore (remember the computer behind him that showed the Minotaur). He was developing characters for Ford’s new narrative. In Trace Decay we see MIB aactually in that narrative. The body that was being built may actually be Delores (we even saw her blueprint). I have a feeling we will see that Delores buried in the town filled with sand due to the incident and past storyline (the cult led by The Professor). This is where we will meet the real Wyatt. If we saw Ford clearly look at the buried church with the steeple above in previous years upsides and in previous episodes we also saw him deconstructing the area for the new narrative, how is it possible that MIB and Delores are suddenly standing in the most recent episode in the church (that was once filled with sand)?

  2. Kevin says:

    Do you think the host Ford is building will be revealed in the finale? If yes who will it be?

    • Gene Lyons says:

      Great question. We thought, for sure, it would be Elsie. But now we’re not so sure. Dolores would be a good pick because her blueprints were found near the host-printer. Or maybe a new Bernard? That seems the least likely because the skeleton looked like that of a small woman or girl.

      • Christina says:

        It’s possible the “currently under construction” host is a replacement for Charlotte who Ford plans to rid himself of in episode 10. Look for Charlotte to be separated from the herd and replaced.

  3. Dom says:

    For me a big quesrion remains. Whats the history between Dolores and Teddy in the “alpha town”? In the first episode, the man in black comments something in like he wonders why they pair the two together.
    And if therse history between the two, why knows the man in black about this? If he’s william, he wasen’t around in this time in “alpha town”

  4. Mark Alexander says:

    For several weeks I’ve been entertaining the idea that not only was Bernard a host (confirmed in Episode 8), but so is Ford. This seemed to be revealed in a brief bit of dialog Sunday night that I didn’t catch until my second viewing of the episode. When Bernard confronted Ford in cold storage and demanded full access to all his memories, Bernard looked at Ford and said, “Arnold built us, didn’t he? Which means maybe he had something different in mind for us. And maybe you killed him for it.”

    Built us.

    There were only two people in that scene: Ford and Bernard. (Clementine was in the room, but standing off to the side and I believe her presence can be safely ignored since it was not even implied that Arnold had any part in her creation).

    Furthermore, it is my belief that not only is Ford a host, but also that he—despite the fact we were told last night that Dolores committed the act—was the one who actually killed Arnold…

    • Gene Lyons says:

      Bernard simply could be saying “us” to refer to himself and other androids. As for Arnold’s death, anything’s possible, but Ford not trying to cover the death up completely leads me to believe he didn’t actually do it. Whether he orchestrated it is an entirely different thing. Arnold’s own creation killing him leads to a much richer tale.

    • Chris says:

      I thought Ford could be a host after the conversation between MIB and Ford in Contrapasso. MIB made a comment to Ford saying “I wonder what I’d find if I opened you up”, and once this was stated Teddy grabbed his knife.

      What if, as Bernard’s plan was to have Clementine pull the trigger on Ford… that Ford’s had Delores pull the trigger on Arnold 35 years ago. The only difference is Ford, knowing this could happen again in the future, created a back code to protect himself. As Bernard stated in the present, “We’ve been here before” – maybe he was eluding to the conversation rather than the actual place (which is similar to Maeve and Hector in that same episode)

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