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Hi all,

First time writer (better late than never, right!) longtime listener here. I’ve found this season a frustrating one, but your podcast gave me the nudge to get interested anyway in analysing, although with not as much enthusiasm as the first season.

My alternative ending to Westworld as a whole would be that the uploaded hosts and humans will eventually learn to coexist in the sublime, as the distinction between the two ‘species’ will get diluted (what does being a human or a robot even mean in a world of downloaded consciousness?!) Meaning humanity has become extinct in the real world.

Meanwhile in the new step in evolution will be the only worthy successors who have been working away tirelessly in the background from the beginning : the drone hosts. Alien-like, yet so human in form, made to create, mend, help and protect selflessly, perfect for a world that needs to recover after the mess humans (and to an extent the hosts) left behind. Tin foil? Maybe, but I for one would love to see the drone hosts taking the lead in a way that would revive and support the survival of the planet itself. So far both humans and hosts have proven themselves to be selfish and destructive. For the survival of the world perhaps the drone hosts would be the best bet.

Just a fun little thought.

Thanks for the ride!


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1 Response

  1. Gene Lyons says:

    This is a first, for me: a listener championing the drone hosts?

    Love it.

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