Will Roman World Make An Appearance in Westworld?

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First, I want to thank you guys for hosting an epic podcast. I have been listening to you guys since day one of West World and you have truly enhanced my experience watching the HBO hit.

My boyfriend and I watched last night and spent a good hour analyzing all that transpired. I started listening to your Instacast this morning, but I am saving the rest for my drive to work (so you may have already covered some of the following topics/theories I mention below)

This episode really unveiled a lot of the secrets we have already speculated in addition to havoc that is undoubtedly going to occur. A couple things we noted and wanted to get your opinion on:

  1. This idea of man-in-black as a later William. I am not sure this theory can be proved. As I was telling my boyfriend, the same employees of the park are shown attending to man-in-black as a guest in addition to attending to Dolores straying from her loop (which is part of her experience with William and Logan). I would imagine that different employees would be attending to either man-in-black or William if they were the same person- or at the very least they would have aged. Just something I noted.
  2. The maze. I noted that the maze has a human in the center of it as seen on the skull man-in-black carries in addition to the depiction drawn by the little girl in the village. At this point we aren’t sure what the maze looks like in the park, but the drawing shows a man in the middle. I have thoughts about this man representing Arnold. While it has been mentioned that Arnold has died in the park, I wonder if he still exists in a different life form. Perhaps the person in the maze drawing is Arnold and to reach Arnold would unlock the hosts allowing for consciousness and the ability to kill? Just a thought.
  3. My boyfriend pointed out that Ford and Theresa met at a restaurant either inside or on the outskirts of the park that does NOT match the theme of West World. We wonder if perhaps this restaurant was actually in Roman World (as a nod to the original West World movie). Theresa mentions she had sat at the same table with her family as a childthe restaurant looked deserted in a sense and far removed from the action at West World. Do we think Roman World may make an appearance in the TV show?
  4. Lastly, I cannot help but make the connection between the way man-in-black is dressed and the man-in-black host from the movie who goes rogue I am not necessarily saying they are the same person, in fact I don’t think that they are. I do believe, however, the creators of the show had some intention in portraying this guest in this way. I wonder what you guys or others think about this matter?

Thanks so much for making this incredible show last the full week with your insights in multiple podcasts. Keep them coming! 🙂 – Alyssa

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