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Hey dudes,

Been listening to the podcast for a few weeks, love it!

You guys have been discussing the theory for awhile now that William’s journey could be a custom narrative, the helping Dolores break free and become self aware narrative that will convert him from a non-believer in the park to being obsessed with it.

We already know William is the EVP of a company who is a shareholder in the park and is looking to spring a hostile takeover since the park is in a volatile situation (bleeding cash, presumable in the early days after the incident); we also know that William is the fiancé of the company CEO’s daughter. So he is a huge VIP in multiple ways.

What if this whole narrative was designed as black mail, to play him and also send a message to the company he works for to stop their takeover attempts? Think about it, they will have some JUICY footage of his soiree with Dolores on the train, and some great audio clips of him denouncing his relationship with his fiancé. And could his realization of how hard the Park is able to play him the fool in this be the thing that pushes him over the edge (AKA turns him into the MiB, sworn to revenge to take the park down)?

Huge fan, keep up the good work guys! – Josh Portland, OR

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