Defending Your Life (1991)

Defending Your Life Quote: “When you use more than 5 percent of your brain, you don’t want to be on earth; believe me.” – Bob Diamond

“When a listener dedicates a podcast commission to his late wife, you treat it with respect. When the movie is about death and the afterlife, you add a degree of reverence. When one of your podcast hosts is dealing with a recent loss, you take the whole thing personally. And when Albert Brooks is the romantic lead, you have to throw all of that out the window.

“Defending You Life” is a 1991 romantic comedy destined for a good shatting, and it treated the Shat Crew to some lively discussion of past lives, simpler times, biggest fears, and crimes against Meryl Streep. The podcast also took us to places we never imagined we’d go: highlighting the difference between Albert Brooks and Larry David, worshipping Rip Torn and earnestly drawing parallels between purgatory’s legal proceedings and Franz Kafka.”

Plot Summary: “Defending Your Life” Daniel Miller (Albert Brooks) isn’t having a good week. For starters, he died after he got hit by a bus. Then he discovers that in the afterlife he must defend his actions on Earth in order to ascend to a higher plane of existence. While awaiting judgment, he falls in love with Julia (Meryl Streep), whose near-perfect life on Earth seemingly makes her a shoo-in for ascension. However, Daniel’s actions in his lifetime might not be enough for him to move on.

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