American Gods Episode 2 Review: “The Beguiling Man”

American Gods Episode 2 Review The Beguiling Man
American Gods Episode 2 Review The Beguiling Man

American Gods Episode 2 Review: “The Beguiling Man”

It’s just a bit of fun!

Magic is in the air as we record our loosest American Gods podcast yet. Gene gets the giggles. The King Bee gets WAY geeky about comic books, and listener Kenny P calls in with a choice voicemail. After the end credits, stay tuned for The King Bee’s tale of Odin’s eight-legged horse, Ol’ Slippy.

Season 2’s second installment showed us “American Gods” still has a few tricks up its sleeve: Mr. Wednesday painting the modern world in ancient terms, Shadow Moon’s flashbacks giving us reasons to care, and maybe even a romance brewing between Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney? (please no)

Dean Winters’ Mr. Town fell a little flat. Attempts at comedy widely missed the mark, Brooklyn was a bit too colorful, and Crispin Glover’s Mr. World is growing a bit stale. But overall, Season 2 seems to be shaping up as an improvement over its predecessor. Fingers crossed for season 3.

Storyline for “The Beguiling Man” :
Episode 2: Mr. Wednesday vows to avenge Zorya. Mr. Town tortures and interrogates Shadow about Mr. Wednesday’s plans, which makes Shadow remember coming to America as a child with his mother and how he lost her. Wednesday sends the Jinn to find his spear, Gungnir, and Salim, in love, accompanies him. Laura and Mad Sweeney pursue Shadow’s diminishing light by car, during which Sweeney tells Laura about a Devil, called Baron, in New Orleans who could help her. Mr. World tries to convince Bilquis to side with him. Technical Boy finds Media, who refuses to come out until she is ready. Laura and Mad Sweeney find Shadow on a train, just as Wednesday carries out his plan to derail it.

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