Game of Thrones Episode 4 Instant Take: “The Last of The Starks”

Game of Thrones Episode 4 Instant Take: "The Last of The Starks"
Game of Thrones Episode 4 Instant Take: "The Last of The Starks"

Game of Thrones Episode 4 Instant Take: “The Last of The Starks”

“The Last of The Starks” mixed Game of Thrones Season 8’s huge scale and intimate conversation with something we haven’t seen in a while: cutthroat political jockeying and deep questions of identity.

What does family mean? Who is best to take the throne? At what point does savior become tyrant? When did the show turn into Scorpion City?

Find out what drinking games taught us, why Sansa told Tyrion the secret that’s not really a secret anymore, and who’s where on the map as we head into Episode 5.

Storyline for Episode 4: “The Last of The Starks”
The North begins burning all their dead on funeral pyres. During the celebrations, Daenerys legitimizes Gendry as a Baratheon and names him the new Lord of Storm’s End. Jaime and Brienne have sex. Daenerys asks Jon to not reveal his Targaryen claim. Tormund decides to lead the Wildlings back north of the Wall. Bronn, concerned Cersei may not win, spares Jaime and Tyrion in exchange for the lordship of Highgarden. During a war council, Daenerys insists on leaving the North and attacking King’s Landing soon. Jon and Bran reveal his Targaryen claim to Sansa and Arya. Sansa goes on to share the secret with Tyrion who then shares it with Varys. The Targaryen fleet moves for King’s Landing while Northern soldiers travel on foot. The fleet is ambushed and destroyed by Euron Greyjoy, Rhaegal is killed and Missandei is taken captive, leading Daenerys to decide to seize King’s Landing at any cost, even if she must slaughter the civilians taking shelter inside. Varys and Tyrion discuss Daenerys’ state of mind, with Varys concerned that she might not be fit to rule and suggesting they replace her with Jon instead, though Tyrion rejects the idea. Hearing of Rhaegal’s death, Jaime leaves for King’s Landing. Daenerys arrives at King’s Landing and demands Cersei surrender, but Cersei remains defiant and publicly executes Missandei.

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11 Responses

  1. Thomas Mock says:

    I think it’s a forced narrative to make Dany out to be a bad person after 7 seasons of her character arc as someone who sets out to defeat oppression and tyranny. After all, in spite of all of the naysayers, she HAS followed the advice of those who have advised her — only to lose again and again. Then Vareys dislikes her even more! She should have listened to Olenna and ignored the men and become a dragon! But she didn’t, she listened to bad advice from men who would now plot against her.

    Sanza . . now there’s a phony. She let a boy (Arya’s friend) be murdered when she should have sided with her family against Joffery. Littlefinger murdered her aunt to save her — then she lied to protect Littlefinger, only to later condemn Littlefinger to death for killing that same aunt. She’d be dead without Dany’s help — either at the hands of the Night King’s army or Cersi — but all she can do is sneer and cause trouble because of her own love for power and a throne she’s done nothing to earn. My least favorite character by far.

  2. Camille says:

    Fight every battle, everywhere, all the time….I think everyone believes that Arya is off to kill Cersei, but that’s too expected. I predict that honor will go to Jamie. All Sansa cares about is the north and her family. Had Dani not snatched her hand away and given Sansa assurances that the north would remain independent, or had Jon shown an ounce of critical thinking skills and agreed with Sansa and put his foot down about letting the Army recover before heading south, Sansa might not be so freaked out right now. If she believed Jon had influence over Dani and he would also fight as hard as she is to have the north remain independent, she would relax, but Jon is whooped, so she takes littlefingers advice and fights every battle everywhere. She leaks Jons secret to Tyrion to ensure the news gets out. She leaks Dani’s travel plans to Cersei so that they were ready for the sneak attack we saw. Even with the sneak attack, Dani still has a good chance of taking Cesei out, so she needs a back up plan to ensure that even if Dani wins, she never sits on the throne, so she sends in Arya. If Arya gets the chance to kill Cersei, I am sure she’ll take it, but I believe her real objective is to kill Dani after the battle so that Jon gets the Throne and the north remains independent….BUT, I think the only happy ending we will have is Sam and Gilly. I think we lose all Lannisters, Dani, Bron, Varys, and possibly Jon. Grey worm goes to Nath, Arya goes west of Westeros, Sansa remains the lady (or queen) of Winterfell with Sir Breanne as her queens guard (who also has Jamies baby), the hound will survive Clegane bowl, and there will be no throne at the end.

  3. Nancy Foroughi says:

    I believe Arya will kill Jamie (when on the road) and become him and kill Cersei. What do you think?

    • Kate says:

      I thought the same thing! I also think that Arya and the Hound will be together when she kills Cersei… but somehow Sandor saves Arya, possibly if the Mountain goes in to kill her. And Sandor will finish off with the battle of his life against his dead and merciless brother.

  4. lweaver of the realm says:

    I mean, c’mon. W/o Dany, all of Westeros would be in the long winter about now. Without her intertwining with Jon (as noncommittal as they come), all this is moot. She deserves the Iron Throne, and Jon should be more aware of the importance of his role in confirming her legacy (and even publicly denounce it if need be). All of Westeros should be on their hands and knees begging for her leadership. I say fry ’em all as they come across as whiny, entitled and uttlerly oblivious to the scope of what just happened. I think Arya gave Dany some sense of validation in her agreement with Jon. Sansa is being spoiled again and playing a “game” when Dany is playing for “keeps”…

  5. Mark says:

    I was enjoying the podcast, then I heard the theory that Sansa is upset when she finds out that Jon is not a full Stark “only a half Stark” and that her telling Tyrion Jon’s secret is a way to get at Jon. Really? I hope that some of the issues with instacast is simply your inability to pay attention and not think clearly. Jon is biologically half Stark and half Targaryen. Sansa is half Stark and half Tully. Jon has never been more than half Stark and the same goes for all the Starks.
    Sansa is now team Jon for the iron throne. Which is going to be physically destroyed anyway when Bran wargs into the last dragon ?
    Your welcome

    • Kate says:

      I don’t know if Bran cares enough to join the battle. If he did care, then he would’ve warned into a dragon and SEEN Euron’s fleet,… and then when Euron’s fleet was destroying Dany’s, he would’ve flown high, then swept around the back and burned them all, saving Dany’s army including Messendi.

  6. Thomas Jørgensen says:

    How can you seriously still stand behind daenerys?? You excuse her plans to slaughter and burn every innocent man, woman and CHILD! And blame it all on Cersei? just because Danny said give me the throne i have no claim to, or else i will kill innocent children, and if i don’t then it’s because Cersei had a choice, so it’s morally OK for me to burn children alive.. That is SO utterly stupid logic and frankly disgusting.
    You call Jon the dumb dumb because of his battle tactics? that’s why they have counselors and battle tacticians. How many times now has daenerys made bad choices based on emotion and impulse.. she’s no better. Jon would never ever have gone through a plan like that (or any other normal human being for that matter) He has morals and is honorable, and care more about people, than power. If that’s not characteristics fit for a good king, i don’t know what is.
    Daenerys is gradually becoming a monster like cersei herself. She think’s she’s entitled to everything, and is an egotistical, impatient, short sighted mad Queen, and i don’t get why so many still praise everything she does. Sansa was smart by spreading the truth, and make people question Danny and stop history from repeating itself (The Mad King) I actually hope she will end up on the Throne now if Jon dies again. Go Sansa!

    Still enjoy the Pod guys (even American Gods, Taboo, WW, and shat the movies!) but the praise of GoT is becoming a bit much for me personally.

    Take Care.

  7. Rene House says:

    Brian in Philly is correct, Sansa IS playing the Game of Thrones. During the Battle of Winterfell, down in the crypts Sansa was correct in saying, “We’re here because we can’t do anything else”. She was out of her element in that battle, that arena. But now, in THIS arena of strategic maneuvering and counter-maneuvering this IS Sansa’s strength and she’s learned lessons from some of the Kingdom’s greats – Cersi, Littlefinger, and Ramsay Bolton. She’s now well versed in the art of manipulation of people and situations so her divulging Jon’s secret was no doubt measured and calculated to yield a certain result of undercutting Daenery’s claim to the iron throne.

  8. André says:

    Couple questions:
    1. when Dani was ambushed by Euron, seems like she could have outflanked the stationary ships, approached from behind and burned them from the rear forward. Also, Seems like it would take some time to reload, so couldn’t she have made a run shortly after they too their shot?
    2. Tyrion showed great bravery at the gates of Kings Landing and now knows for sure there is no redeeming his sister. We know for a fact that Tyrion knows the tunnels of Kings Landing better than anyone. Couldn’t a small force infiltrate those tunnels and kill Cersei without having to kill thousands of innocents?

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