Hale Actually Killed @ Board Slaughter?

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S2E3 has me thinking OG Charlotte Hale was killed during the board slaughter at the end of S1. How was the video to Nathan “overlooked in the initial logs”?!? I think we’re going to see that footage again, ending with Charlotte getting shot in the head. The mole gets implanted into S2 Hale B.V. (Before the Valley).

No idea who was B.V. Hale though, let alone S3. I like the Wyatt/Dolores theory best, but am throwing Bernarnold spaghetti at the wall because timelines.

You All Kick Ass, Etc.

Especially Ashley


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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    Awesome point. How would this footage be “overlooked?” You’d think they would comb through every inch of it. Also, I think you kick ass too :).

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