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Hi Guys,

I hope all is well and you’re all staying healthy.

I’m sure you will be flooded with theories this week, so here are just a few tidbits from the show that folks might have missed.

1. London, U.R.E.W. – This likely stands for the United Republic of England and Wales. It means that the monarchy is gone and Ireland and Scotland have officially had enough with us. 2. Maeve is in Italy. The 3rd episode this season is called “The Winter Line”, and since Maeve looks to be on the Nazi side, she is likely in Monte Cassino or possibly Rome. 3. The character in the opening scene is named Gerald Paulson. No idea whether this will be important, but just FYI. 4. Serac literally means “tip of the iceberg”. It’s an unstable ice formation on a mountain that poses a major obstacle for mountaineering. 5. The eagle imagery in the new opening credits could represent Arnold. The name Arnold means “eagle power”. The mountain and eagle images fit into the tarot imagery that has featured throughout the show. Similarly, the theme of reflections and water shows up in the “Judgement” card. This card happens to be numbered “20”, and this season is being promoted as #Westworld20.

I’ll be writing something up on this, so I won’t bore you with it here. The last thing is the brain pearl body-swapping. We know Charlotte isn’t Charlotte, and the obvious answer seems to be Teddy. However, I think Charlotte is Bernard, Bernard is Teddy, and the replacement Incite henchman, Martin Connell, is Angela. That’s it for now.

Lots of love from London,

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    The tarot connection I find really fascinating. I hope we actually see more examples of cards that show up in the coming weeks. Please keep an eye out and write in.

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