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Hello Seekers!

After further review, I found Que Sera, Sera a stunner in many ways. At first, I saw hopelessness, really, from a series whose prime motivation for all the characters is built on hope. I can understand dissing some of the details in the episode and the previous one and in some of the plot lines overall.

I was stunned by the murderbot that Clementine had remained ever since the Original Hale reprogrammed her so many years ago. And was left wondering about her “life” among the sheep. I was stunned by William’s truncated vendetta. His hopes and pearl were dashed almost before he really got started. And still wonder what his actual endgame was meant to be. I was stunned by Hale’s turn toward a different hope than she had planned, while admitting the hopelessness she had engendered in her kind. was left wondering what transcendence is. I was stunned also by stark style of the sets and wardrobes.

My takeaway is that if humans are or certainly will be extinct and all the hosts are gone (including the drone hosts?), then whatever game or world that the “new god” Christina creates will have to be a digital construction, a reflection of her creator’s world. The real world will be left to evolve without sentient tampering.

I really hope they film season 5 in black and white.

Thank you again and always for the time and effort you put into your podcasts.

Steve Morse

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