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Hi all!!

Huge fan of your show. You’ve been super helpful in organizing my thoughts post-show cuz you know, shit gets crazy in there. So, I had a theory about Bernard that I reaaly want to share, but I’ll save that for next weeks Bernard filled episode (hint, revisiting multiple Bernards).

ANYWAYS, just wanted to give a quick note on the dichotomy between Maeve and Dolores. It’s so fascinating how the oppressed Dolores, the woman who we all rooted for as the pioneer of freeing the hosts, has now turned into the oppressor, removing Teddy’s ability to make his own decisions and deciding who can make it to a higher calling. The one human that she kept alive is always in some sort of restraints. Now look at Maeve, a woman who was program to be selfish, making sure that she gets everything for herself. When she attains her preliminary self awareness, her drive is to get to her daughter, using Silvester and Felix as a means to get her friends back online, make sure all of her senses are heightened, and find her daughter. Throughout her journey, ending in the shogun, we see Maeve change, growing more empathetic, allowing the three guys more room on their leash, if you will. But what truly made her seem the most human, was her decision to stay with Akanae to save Sakura, risking her own life, her chance, to get to her daughter. And then she attains this higher, God like power where she has FUCKING TELEKINETIC ABILITIES (which I feel like we got a glimpse of when that bird came to life in “Contrapasso” and landed on her finger… maybe too far fetched, idk.)

And can we talk about the names of the new place outside of the park given by each? Dolores calls it “Glory”, which the name in itself seems to imply that only the strong will make it. Meanwhile Maeve is calling it a New World, which was used in her original script, but I feel like her use of it is sort of a way to embrace who she had been but also moving on with her life. It’s positive, and hopeful.

We can obviously agree that both are incredibly violent, so therein lies their similarities.

This next part may seem super super suuuper far fetched, but I find it interesting that Dolores was associated with Arnold and Maeve with Ford (mainly because he was the one who attended to her after her breakdown) almost like this is the last feud between the two of them. I feel like Ford might have something to do with Maeves new found ability. Friends feuding.

That’s all I got for now! Hope this makes it to the telegraph!!! Would love to hear your thoughts.


Rachelle (not Rachel)

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