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Sure, they have a military-grade EMP by Solomon. It probably belonged to Checkov before it ended up in this episode.

Technical Comment (and I’m not the technical expert to go into details on this, so here’s Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_pulse?wprov=sfti1) an EMP isn’t a physical thing–it’s a burst of energy. They probably meant a non-nuclear EMP weapon as the building is still there after Delores uses it.

And while there are other grades of EMP, it’s funny to think of those as potential marketing channels.

* Consumer-Grade EMP for your home needs!
* Contractor-grade for short-term solutions made from average materials! * Prosumer for the EMP enthusiast with disposable income and delusions of grandeur!

Thanks y’all! I really enjoy having fellow Houstonian (pronounced YEW-sto-nee-ann) Ashley around this season! Her philosophical commentary is a great addition.

John S

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