Westworld Episode 1 Review: “Parce Domine”

Westworld Episode 1 Review Parce Domine
Westworld Episode 1 Review Parce Domine

Westworld Episode 1 Review: “Parce Domine”

Is the “real world” just a simulation? Is Francis a fidelity test? What’s Incite up to, and why is Gene Lyons so happy? We answer these questions and more in Shat on TV’s first “Westworld” Deep Dive of Season 3.

Episode 1, “Parce Domine” brought us a Bible lesson, a new face for artificial intelligence, a missing Delos board member, updated opening credits, and a frank examination of personal data.

Plus, Big D brings up “Robopocalypse” yet again; Gene laments freedom of choice, and Ashley talks opera.

Westworld Episode 1 Summary: “Parce Domine”
Three months after the Westworld massacre, Dolores uses a false identity to get close to Liam Dempsey Jr., the son of the co-founder of Incite. Liam is the public face of the company and its flagship program Rehoboam, a sophisticated artificial intelligence, which Dolores is trying to gain access to. Liam knows little himself, but as he is about to reveal the name of one who knows, Dolores is knocked out by Martin, Liam’s head of security who discovered Dolores’ deception. Martin intends to kill Dolores, but she instead lures him into a trap, which allows her to replace Martin with a host of Martin to get that information. She is wounded in a firefight but rescued by Caleb, a former soldier that is trying to eke out an existence as a construction worker and petty criminal who had seen Martin try to kill her. Elsewhere, Bernard stays ahead of a manhunt for him and intends to travel to Westworld, while the Charlotte host takes control of Delos. Maeve wakes in a World War II-themed park with Nazis.

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