Westworld Episode 5 Instant Take: “Genre”

Westworld Episode 5 Instant Take: “Genre”

Your hosts are all back on the “Westworld” train! Choo-choo! Gene stops complaining. Ash heaps on the praise, and Big D wants to know where he can get some Genre.

Season 3, Episode 5, fleshed out the mesmerizing Serac, reminded us of the talent in Evan Rachel Wood and Aaron Paul, blasted a kickass soundtrack, and closed the book on the season’s first movement.

Mysteries were solved. Things were blown up, heads were smashed, gun sights went unused, and we learned a whole lot more about Caleb.

Listen to more great music from Simon: www.soundcloud.com/simonsteric

Westworld Episode 5 Summary:
Dolores and Caleb escape with Liam with help from Ash and Giggles, and convince him to give his private key so they can escape from Serac’s men, which also allows Martin and Bernard to access Rehoboam. Martin sends Dolores files on Serac from Rehoboam before sending every individual on the planet the data and plans Rehoboam has on them, and the world descends into chaos. Ashley arrives to free Bernard, and Martin instructs them to find Serac’s facility where he kept high-risk individuals, including Serac’s brother, that would have disrupted the system. Martin then sacrifices himself and kills several of Serac’s agents in an explosion. When Dolores reports Liam is no longer necessary, Ash kills him for what she had discovered, but reveals there is more to Caleb than he knows.

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