Westworld Episode 10 Theories: “The Bicameral Mind”

Westworld Episode 10 Theories: "The Bicameral Mind"
Westworld Episode 10 Theories: "The Bicameral Mind"

Westworld Episode 10 Theories: “The Bicameral Mind”

The Season One Finale of Westworld overwhelmingly answered many of the questions and theories presented throughout the season, however, that didn’t stop the #ShatNation from filling our Telegraph Inbox.

Gene, Rog, & Big D close up 2016 by responding to the Top 15 (or is it 16?) emails of the week, including deep comparisons of the soundtrack to Westworld characters, debating whether or not Ford was the hero, and what the teachings of liberty tell us about the host awakenings.

Additionally, the hosts finally respond to their favorite Swede, Viktor V. So put back on your cowboy tin foil hats one last time before packing them away until 2018.

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Westworld Episode 10 Summary:
“The Bicameral Mind” The Man in Black presses Dolores about Wyatt’s whereabouts and the center of the maze, and reveals he is actually an aged William. Dolores then remembers Arnold’s order to kill him and destroy the park, and that she is actually Wyatt. She attempts fighting back, Teddy rescues her, and they flee to a distant beach. Dolores dies in Teddy’s arms, though that is revealed to be part of Ford’s narrative. During her escape from Westworld, Maeve-aided by Hector and Armistice-finds Bernard’s corpse, and Felix repairs him. Bernard warns Maeve that her desire to escape was programmed into her. Although Maeve-now alone-initially continues her escape, she has second thoughts and exits the imminently departing train to find her daughter. Back at Westworld, Ford tells Dolores and Bernard that he regretted his role in Arnold’s death, came to desire to free the hosts as well, and has spent the last 35 years preparing them to fight back. He then gives a speech in front of Charlotte, the Man in Black, and other guests, criticizing their handling of the park. Dolores then shoots and kills Ford while an army of reactivated hosts emerges from a nearby forest.

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2 Responses

  1. Barrie Davis says:

    I think Bernard is the closest to reaching the centre of the maze now. If you re-watch the scene where Bernard is re-examining talking to his wife, the voice goes from his wife to Ford’s. The scene implies that he has been talking to Ford the whole time; but if you compare the scene to that of Dolores journey to the centre, sitting down talking to Arnold. These scenes feel like they mirror each other, like this is Bernard’s version of his mind working his way through the maze. Dolores talking to Arnold, Bernard talking to his wife. He hasn’t reached the stage where he realises he is talking to himself, he still hears the voice as external.

  2. Gathly says:

    Totally disagree with the Swede on host mind and consciousness. This idea that there is a rational mind separate from emotions is total nonsense. There is no discernable break between the two. Conscious thought is in intertwining of all sensations from the body externally and internally being analyzed by sectors of the brain. The things that people (typically men) label as “rational” are no such thing. It’s all emotional too. Motivation to do anything depends on both of these nebulous, ill-defined concepts along with many other things, like your hormone levels at the time.

    This idea people have of “reason” and “rationality” doesn’t exist. It’s an enlightenment idea that has been utterly disproven by neuroscience. The hosts therefore are no more “rational” then humans. It is not obvious at all that they would choose not to attack humans, nor are the odds stacked against them. They are immortal, intelligent beings that can get blown up and then just reprint their bodies. The odds are very much in their favor. Also, humans ARE terrible monsters that have done terrible things. They should be destroyed. Ford is not wrong, and Dolores should not think he’s wrong.

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