Westworld Episode 3 Theories: “The Stray”

Westworld Episode 3 Theories: "The Stray"
Westworld Episode 3 Theories: "The Stray"

Westworld Episode 3 Theories: “The Stray”

Jump spurs-first into a pool of Westworld viewer mail with the Westworld Telegraph! Think you’ve heard some weird theories? This bonus edition of the podcast gets weirder.

Think you noticed every clue there was to see? Not even close. Join Roger Roper, Dick Ebert and Gene Lyons as they respond to listener emails, debunk theories and Tumble headfirst into rabbit holes. It’s all thanks to you, the listeners. Enjoy.

Westworld Episode 3 Summary:
“The Stray” William drags Logan off on abounty hunt. Dolores asks Teddy to teach her to shoot, but her programming prevents her from firing a gun. Ford changes Teddy’s backstory for his new narrative, in which the latter is pitted against outlaw host Wyatt. Ford also tells Bernard, who is revealed to have lost his son previously, about his old partner, Arnold, who died in Westworld in an accident. Bernard is worried about the effect their conversations have had on Dolores, but she promises to keep quiet and follow her loop. Elsie, who secretly reports to Bernard, and Stubbs are sent to capture a stray host. They find him trapped in a ravine. When Stubbs tries to retrieve his head, he wakes up and attacks them before smashing his own head in with a rock. At the homestead, Dolores is attacked by bandits, one of whom drags her into the barn to rape her. She steals his gun but is unable to shoot him until she sees him as the Man in Black. Though being shot, she escapes, stumbles into William and Logan’s campsite and collapses in William’s arms.

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