Westworld Episode 5 Review: “Zhuangzi”

Westworld used Season 4, Episode 5 to flesh out the notion of “outliers” and introduce us to hosts “transcending.” Viewers learned the extent of Charlores’ control and the nature of Christina’s role as The Storyteller.

“Zhuangzi” brought us questionable action scenes, uncomfortable choreography and the knowledge that, even in Charlores’ utopia, hosts are committing suicide.

In this Deep Dive, Ash examines the power of The Tower; Gene does his best to explain the unexplained; and Big D asks, “What’s up with Teddy?”

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Westworld Episode 5 Summary:
Charlotte notices that several hosts she has assigned to eliminate “outliers” – humans that have broken from her conditioning – are killing themselves shortly after contact with the humans. She orders William to kill the latest outlier, but the woman convinces him to begin questioning his own reality before she is rescued by the human resistance, which is composed of escaped outliers. Teddy tells Christina she is orchestrating the lives of all of New York’s residents, and she discovers that she can directly reprogram humans’ behavior. She uses this ability to create a distraction that allows her to evade questioning from Charlotte, whom she believes to be a college friend. Returning to work, she finds she similarly has control over her boss, and enters a master control room that reveals she has written the narratives of every human in the city. She asks Teddy who put her in this situation; Teddy tells her it was herself.

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