Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: “The Adversary”

Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: "The Adversary"
Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: "The Adversary"

Westworld Episode 6 Instant Take: “The Adversary”

Leading up to Episode 6, there were some who were afraid the train to Westworld was in danger of derailing off into an endless loop of plot questions. Fortunately, the conductors seem to have adjusted the tracks and “The Adversary” was one of the strongest episodes thus far.

With their partner Gene unable to join due to a delayed flight home, Rog & Big D effuse their praise and discuss which fan theories have been debunked…on this week’s Shat On TV: Westworld Instacast.

Westworld Episode 6 Summary:
“The Adversary” At a Union Army outpost, the soldiers recognize Teddy as an accomplice in Wyatt’s massacre of his unit. After recalling his complicity, Teddy escapes with the Man in Black by killing all of the soldiers. Sizemore is introduced by Theresa to Hale, a Board representative sent to observe park operations. Theresa ends her relationship with Bernard, who finds out that Ford has secretly been keeping a family of hosts. Elsie continues investigating the glitches and tells Bernard that Theresa is behind the espionage, and that the first generation hosts have been re-programmed by someone calling themselves Arnold. However, she is abducted by an unknown assailant. A child host kills his dog, telling Ford that Arnold told him to. Felix gives Maeve a tour of the company. She bends him and Sylvester to her will and convinces them to change her programming, setting her awareness rating to its maximum level while decreasing her loyalty.

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