Westworld Episode 5 Instant Take: “Zhuangzi”

Westworld Episode 5 Instant Take: “Zhuangzi”

“Westworld” gave us a look behind the curtain as New York City’s facade crumbled in Season 4, Episode 5. “Zhuangzi” was a massive shift in style and pace from the previous two episodes, featuring far more exposition, mustache-twirling and awkward action scenes.

Our Instacast edition shares our immediate takes on the episode, and previews what we’ll cover in the upcoming Deep Dive.

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2 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    Why IS TEDDY!!! How is TEDDY?
    Was he not in the valley beyond, which Charlores cannot access???

  2. Denis says:

    The Westworld I love most are the slow burner episodes. This episode for all its faults, focused on what I loved most about the show as a whole “Do you question the nature of your reality?” Char-Lores’s obedient-hosts are experiencing something akin to the reveries in Season 1. Char-lores much like season-1 Ford rules the NewYork with an iron-fist, knowing full well she has reached her “Lazarus” moment. As long as human’s exists, and Hosts remain in their human form, there will always be outliers, host or human. Her desire to move past the image of her makers is very elegantly underlined by her digging into her bleeding-arm, a nice callback to Season 3, and her discomfort with her new body, and more importantly cognitive dissonance. Host-William and Christine-Delores are now two of Char-lores biggest failures with Caleb probably the third. Whatever Char-Lores’s NewYork experiment was, it has failed. I think Char-lores is going to decide to end human-kind for good. What Bernard and Maeve will do, is still a mystery to me. Love your podcast since Season 1, apologies for the ravings of madman.

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