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Hi guys,

Listened to your Instacast and Review and looking forward to your Telegraph.

My question from the finale: Why did the show runners wait so long to tell us that the sublime can be opened from both sides? Charlores tells William this during their fight and my guess is that Charlores knew this because she’s a copy of Dolores Prime who uploaded the sublime back in season 2 while in a Charlotte body (Omg SO confusing)! Even if it can be opened from the inside, what form will the hosts coming from it take?

My question from the penultimate episode: Bernard pictured Charlie as he died and walked through a door to him before it glitched out and the screen went black. Was that Bernard finding/entering his version of heaven or his sublime in line with his cornerstone? Or will we get some silly reveal next season that he actually ended up in the main sublime somehow? I do like how the first scene of Bernard this season mirrored his last scene and the symbolism of how Charlie remained his cornerstone/heaven/version of happiness.

My final thoughts:

– Gene mentioned how confined New York was, I think season 4 was filmed during the height of covid and that might explain why it felt so confined and probably why we only saw New York with no other cities to show the extent of the mind control and destruction at the end.

– Regarding Caleb, I now honestly think the showrunner wanted Aaron Paul in the show and found a way to include him for a two season arc. He’s a great actor, I feel deserves an Emmy nomination for his efforts and I cried in many of his scenes this season but I feel the outlier problem could have been introduced some other way and still lead to the end of the world.

– I appreciate season 3 for the single fact that it introduced Rehoboam and gave us Solomon/Rehoboam’s accurate timeline towards extinction. I cannot think of any other purpose for that season other than the timeline, sending Delores to the sidelines for a bit and setting up Charlores as the big bad for season 4.

– A rewatch of the season 2 finale and this season’s finale has eased my initial anger over this season’s end and a return to the park in Dolores’ sublime. I guess the reveal that the sublime can be opened from the inside gives us a potential last season and series ending that may include all the main players (including one eyed Stubbs and water logged Maeve!) .

Thanks again for the hard work you put into all your podcasts! Have a great day!

Patti from Zambia

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