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Hey, guys.

Just been listening to your Instacast for Episode 9.

I have two theories, on the top of my head, i just wanted to share with you.

Regarding the Juliet Photo
I really think we will see Dolores die from her wounds inflicted by Logan, and William will find her dead or dying. Since she dies her Loop will reset, and he might try and find her at the ranch. But as you guys already said (If I remember correctly) she will not remember him – starting the whole MiB attitude in him.

There, I think we will see him dropping the Photo since he is now very committed to his Westworld Quest and has lost pretty much all touch to the real world.

Regarding Fords narrative:
I think Ford will make Dolores become Wyatt. He already said, he was wondering, what would have happened if she would have become the villain. And her little “speech” to Logan about people like him spreading over the world like a stain had a certain villainous (or vigilante) feel to it.

So that’s my two cents. I tried to keep it very short.

Sorry for every grammatical or spelling error, but English is not my native tongue.

Keep up with the great work, I really love listening to you guys.

Greetings from Germany,
Martina L.

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