Father of the Bride (1991)

Father of the Bride Quote: “Well, that’s the thing about life, is the surprises, the little things that sneak up on you and grab hold of you.” – George Banks

Big D gets all the goosies while Gene and Ash beg fathers to see their daughters as adults in this review of Steve Martin’s 1991 comedy “Father of the Bride.”

Along the way, the Shat Crew discusses wedding costs, Martin Short, Subaru commercials, jewelry boxes, Keurig vs. Nespresso, paying attention to lyrics, Brazilian swimwear, the need for post-wedding brunch, and Diane Keaton.

Do you need to meet the parents before popping the question? Should you sell tickets to your wedding? When is it time for a father to let go? We tackle these questions and more in this week’s episode that strangely ends in a discussion of “Top Gun: Maverick.”

Plot Summary: “Father of the Bride” George Banks (Steve Martin) and his wife, Nina (Diane Keaton), are the proud parents of Annie (Kimberly Williams), but when she returns from studying abroad and announces that she’s engaged, their whole world turns upside down, especially that of overprotective George. From meeting the in-laws to wedding plans with an over-the-top consultant (Martin Short) and his flamboyant assistant (B.D. Wong), it seems as if the troubles never end in this update of the classic Spencer Tracy comedy.

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