Westworld Episode 3 Theories: “Virtù e Fortuna”

Westworld Episode 3 Theories: “Virtù e Fortuna”
Westworld Episode 3 Theories: “Virtù e Fortuna”

Westworld Episode 3 Theories: “Virto¹ e Fortuna”

Episode 3 is usually right about where listener mail starts getting truly weird, and Westworld Season 2 is no exception. “Virtu e Fortuna” got all the marbles rolling around in our heads, and some fascinating topics emerged:

  • Is Grace from The Raj related to Theresa Cullen?
  • Is the AI creating it’s own AI?
  • Was Dolores ever a real human?
  • How would Big D attack Fort Forlorn Hope?
  • Why does Bernard keep changing his clothes?
  • Is consciousness more of a spectrum than a switch?
  • Could the Man In Black’s elusive Door just be a passage to another park?

To read all these emails and more, plus Gene Lyons’ responses to them, visit https://shatontv.com/tag/telegraph-read

Westworld Episode 3 Summary:
“Virto¹ e Fortuna” Charlotte and Bernard track down the decommissioned Peter Abernathy only to be caught by the Confederados and separated, with Charlotte regrouping with a Delos security team. Dolores, who has secured support from the Confederados’ leader Major Craddock, discovers that Peter is malfunctioning and orders Bernard to find the problem. In doing so, he learns that Peter is being tracked by an unknown entity. Dolores and her allies proceed to battle the security team, which Charlotte uses as a distraction to abduct Peter. Dolores wins the battle by sacrificing most of the Confederados. Maeve, Hector, and Lee reunite with Armistice, Felix, and Sylvester after an attack orchestrated by Ghost Nation hosts forces them to return to the underground levels. The party reenters the park only for a samurai host to charge at them. Elsewhere, a guest at a British Raj-themed park flees rogue hosts and escapes into Westworld, where she is surrounded by Ghost Nation hosts.

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