Westworld Episode 4 Theories: “The Mother of Exiles”


Westworld Episode 4 Theories: “The Mother of Exiles”

Listener mail this week focused on Caleb, Dolores’s pearl clones, an underpopulated Neo Los Angeles, lost lines of dialogue, William’s punishment, and blood identity scanners.

“Westworld” Season 3, Episode 4 also inspired email and voicemail covering Charlotte Hale tinfoil, hamartia, “Rent” the musical, and that hammy fight scene between Dolores and Stubbs. Check it out, then join us Friday and Sunday on Twitch to discuss: www.shatontv.com/twitch

Listen to more great music from Simon: www.soundcloud.com/simonsteric

Westworld Episode 4 Summary:
Charlotte helps William prepare for a board meeting to prevent Serac from buying out Delos, but he keeps on having lucid dreams of Emily. Serac gains Maeve’s help by offering to reconnect her with her daughter in the Sublime. Maeve, following leads from Serac, tracks Dolores’s movements after arriving on the mainland to the Yakuza boss Sato, discovering him to appear the same as the Samurai World host Musashi. Bernard and Ashley, believing Liam to be a host swapped by Dolores, try to abduct him from a charity event, but Dolores and Caleb stop them. While Dolores fights off Ashley and Caleb chases down Liam, Bernard realizes Martin is the swapped host. William, Bernard, and Maeve recognize that Dolores made host copies of herself before leaving Westworld and placed them in the Charlotte, Martin, and Sato hosts as to fight back against Serac. Sato wounds Maeve and leaves her for dead, while Charlotte has William committed to a mental institution. Caleb and Dolores corner Liam, who remembers Dolores.

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