Westworld Episode 5 Instant Take: “Akane No Mai”

Westworld Episode 5 Instant Take: “Akane No Mai”
Westworld Episode 5 Instant Take: “Akane No Mai”

Westworld Episode 5 Instant Take: “Akane No Mai”

Dolores’ reason for traveling to Sweetwater is revealed and Maeve discovers her “new voice” in Kerri Gross’ first Westworld Instacast.

“Akane no Mai” introduces us to Shogun World, ninjas, samurai, doppelbots, and sweet, sweet robot lovemaking as Season 2 ventures into some of the more gruesome and violent scenes to date. WU TANG!

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Westworld Episode 5 Summary:
“Akane No Mai” In Westworld, Dolores questions what to do with Teddy. She concludes that he is a decent person but his decency makes him a liability and has him reprogrammed against his will. At the edge of the park, Maeve’s party is captured and escorted into a shogunate-themed park designed to be more extreme than Westworld called Shogunworld. They are taken to a nearby town where they meet Akane, a geisha who plays a similar role to Maeve. Akane is negotiating with a local shogun, but when she kills the shogun’s emissary, he retaliates by sending ninjas to kidnap her daughter Sakura and samurai to subjugate the town. During the attack, Maeve forces a ninja to kill himself without voicing a command. Maeve, Akane and Lee infiltrate the shogun’s camp to rescue Sakura and find the shogun is damaged and unstable. Akane kills the shogun after he kills Sakura and Maeve wordlessly forces his samurai to turn on one another. She, Akane and Lee regroup as the shogun’s army attack the camp.

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7 Responses

  1. Joe Fritz S. says:

    Maive’s flashback of her daughter getting killed by MIB tells us that there may be a confrontation between her and MIB. Previous flashbacks of such sometimes include the Ghost Nation members but this one shows MIB. Since MIB, assuming he is human, would surely loose a physical fight against Maive, perhaps he does something that fits in with his redemption arc to get himself out of the sure pickle he will face in the event they rendezvous. MIB’s daughter could also be used as an interesting leverage tool for Maive to get her daughter back and out of the park…

  2. Kevin Ryan says:

    Love the podcast.I honestly can say without your podcast i would be watching like a host cause i would miss half the shit.
    We may not like the way Dolores is behaving but most humans would act the same way with her powers.its called ego and only humans have it. The funny thing is we have powerful weapon but don’t take full advantage of the power of our minds.We don’t realize how much we act like hosts.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Gene Lyons says:

      Dolores isn’t just acting like a human; she’s acting like an awful human. Remember that they humans played the game thinking hosts were just machines that didn’t feel. Dolores knows humans do suffer and fear, and she kills anyway.

      • Kenny says:

        Delores=Jim Jones, arguably still on the crazy Ford Wyatt narrative, each week brings me closer to that conclusion

  3. American Golem says:

    The blade used to take out the ninja’s eye is called a kunai
    the blade which the Geisha used to cut open the Shogun is a senbon
    The period may be known as social order, but it was based on oppression based on the samurai/ronin way and the ideal of feudalism
    It would be easy to program the hosts to adjust their attack patterns based on the speed and acumen of the humans with swords.

    With the idea that hosts are simply easy to be transferred via the processing unit, then it may be that they have moved onto newer hosts bodies which are able to leave Westworld. Delores/Wyatt is able to access all the memories shown in every scene she was in since her creation, she has been shown the location which they were developing by the Man in Black, and now she understands that Abernathy holds all the information which Delos was going to use for marketing and blackmail of their guests. Also, Delores/Wyatt made love to the older more gentler Teddy as a goodbye, he is no longer the same since they are altering his programming from the baseline, and with her questions in order to Teddy to gauge his mindset proved to her to be insufficient, especially since she witnessed him disobey her previous orders in the executions.

    • American Golem says:

      Just thinking of all things which Delores knows about… well, everything along a timeline…
      we know that close to seven years before William enters the park, Delores was in the human world as Ford and Arnold used the other hosts to lure Logan as an investor. A few years later and after many conversations with Delores while understanding that they are developing sentience, Arnold advises Delores about his attempt and then his failure to get Ford to close the park. Seeing no way, Arnold uploads the Wyatt persona into Delores.

      Now Delores deals with the ying/yang of human condition, the perceived good and bad of ones soul, their mentality. Even at this point that she is not fully sentient, the memories which are within her head takes the same dual aspect, both as a loving memory with her mentor/creator in Arnold, and her darker impulses categorizing the wrongs of her journey through Wyatt. Even as she is continuously wiped and placed in roles, the memories flows back to her conscious state [as she felt tethered like Bernard]in a constant state of Deja vu.

      Then years later, as Ford created Bernard to assist him in creating more hosts, William and Logan enter the park, meet a reprogrammed Delores, and their adventure starts.
      there she experiences the idea of love with William, had it erased, continued along the same script and roles, yada yada yada, William understood why he loved Delores and his feelings for the ‘host’ takes a turn to indifference, all logged and held by Wyatt, now her subconscious.

      Nearly a decade later, Delores is one of the hosts at a Delos function, which she witnesses the various conversations of the humans, along with getting a glimpse of William with his wife and child, along with a conversation with James Delos…Delores then runs into Logan which let the cat out of the bag as to what the function was about and later on confronted by William and told exactly how he views her and then shows her a project… all logged by the Wyatt subconscious.

      With this idea.. I wonder exactly how long it would take to create a single host body, one without the C^ vertebrae explosive.. we see that Maeve gained one and the timetable was possibly small. With a full facility to your disposal, you should be able to mass produce a plethora of hosts within the weeks of the isolated facility during the host revolution.

      We see that the old bodies were floating in the sea with Bernard claiming he had a part of it… also has knowledge of all the facilities, locations, etc… even as they have a form of sentience, their programming allows them to gain information through wireless connections, host to host, etc. there are also drones which are capable of doing the labor of humans since all of the biometrics are also stored. The only thing required would be to create dummy bodies with clean ICC [intra-cranial control] units for the ones which would escape to dump with those Delores believes that won’t make it out. From the episode, that would be a third of the found bodies.

      I also doubt that they would find Abernathy, they also lost the data stores of all of the hosts so identification would take time and the irreplaceable knowledge is now held hostage by Delores. So now not only does she hold the key to possible human hybrids, the information of every human which played in Westworld for over 30 years and their secret delights, addresses, etc… and also the ability to replace them entirely.

      It became more evident in that scene which Logan was given their presentation, which all within the room were host without him knowing… with the power to convert the human mind into data perfected, possibly now by the enhanced minds of the hosts which by now understand the programming language, humans are easily replaceable and now easily planted in the real world.

      Its hard to see Delores as an idea of sentience in comparison to Maeve, one which after understanding what she is has made decisions against not only her initial programming but also form choice after choice off a narrative. She is able to reflect on the insult of their stories found in Samurai world, empathize with the Geisha for having her daughter stolen, even as she was using her powers on the Geisha to alter her decision and come with them, she stopped once given the rejection and understood emphatically the decision to altering the memories and losing her daughter… as she had done before Ford and Bernard.

      Her ability to force her will through the wireless connections came through stress and pain, a condition set by Ford for them to even gain sentience in the first place. In this, we could get a gander what sentience in artificial intelligence would look like…

      Delores on the other hand seems to have a block in her development similar to what PTSD does to the brain… she can’t process the here and now… even though she has all her memories returned, she still sees all things through the Wyatt narrative. She tests Teddy along those lines and robbed him of his opportunity for sentience. In her quest to become sentient and free from the oppressors, she became them.

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