Westworld Episode 4 Review: “The Mother of Exiles”

Westworld Episode 4 Review The Mother of Exiles

Westworld Episode 4 Review: “The Mother of Exiles”

Gene and Ashley take heat from listeners, and Big D skates by as we dive deep into Season 3, Episode 4: “The Mother of Exiles.” This edition of Shat on TV explores a multi-Dolores universe, including the emergence of Dolores Prime, and asks “Who has the key to the Sublime?”

We also dig up everything we know about Caleb, add to Dick Ebert’s Crazy Timelines and Tinfoil Show, revisit the ambulance shooting, debate Meat Farm vs. Dairy, consider Incite’s role in Caleb and Dolores meeting, and learn about “infantry old.”

Other items include:

  • Rahobo cock blocks
  • Bernard and Stubbs’ Bogus Journey
  • Who wants auto aim?
  • More chunky balls
  • Mystery mopeds
  • Lost lines of dialogue
  • Shatty bank security
  • Serac emerging as a cool character
  • and Gene saying “right” about 100 times during the recording.

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Westworld Episode 4 Summary:
Charlotte helps William prepare for a board meeting to prevent Serac from buying out Delos, but he keeps on having lucid dreams of Emily. Serac gains Maeve’s help by offering to reconnect her with her daughter in the Sublime. Maeve, following leads from Serac, tracks Dolores’s movements after arriving on the mainland to the Yakuza boss Sato, discovering him to appear the same as the Samurai World host Musashi. Bernard and Ashley, believing Liam to be a host swapped by Dolores, try to abduct him from a charity event, but Dolores and Caleb stop them. While Dolores fights off Ashley and Caleb chases down Liam, Bernard realizes Martin is the swapped host. William, Bernard, and Maeve recognize that Dolores made host copies of herself before leaving Westworld and placed them in the Charlotte, Martin, and Sato hosts as to fight back against Serac. Sato wounds Maeve and leaves her for dead, while Charlotte has William committed to a mental institution. Caleb and Dolores corner Liam, who remembers Dolores.

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12 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    I enjoy your podcasts, sometimes more than the show itself. In fact if the show actually did some some of the things you theorize it would be better.
    I agree we are seeing things out of sequence, I don’t think Nolan can tell a story any other way.
    Questions: In Ep.3 are we seeing a new body for Charlores? The intro scene shows a new Charlores body coming out of the milk bath in Arnolds house. Why would this be necessary?
    I think Delores prime is the one in the scene we see where Charlotte takes control of the board meeting in Ep.1. It would seem that this meeting would have happened as soon as Charlotte returned from Westworld, and before she made Arnold and Delores, right?
    Questions: In Ep.3 are we seeing a new body for Charlores? The intro scene shows a new Charlores body coming out of the milk bath in Arnolds house. Why would this be necessary?
    Why did Delores even make a new Delores body? Besides giving Evan Rachel Wood a role this season, it seems like a pretty dumb thing to do.
    How is she able to make exact duplicate bodies of Martin and Musashi so quickly? She tells Bernard she made him from memory, but she has never seen the others. As far as we know she never saw Musashi, and how is she aware of the relationship between him and Maeve?

  2. Jeff K says:

    While listening to this week’s Deep Dive discussion of Stubbs drinking beer, it spawned questions I have regarding the Host’s bodies. Why would a Woke Host drink beer or anything else for that matter? Once they’re Sentient, can they experience sensory sensations like getting drunk?

    Were we ever told what is the power source for a Host? Do they share any of the biological needs of a Human?

    If this territory that was covered in Seasons 1 or 2, I apologize for the retread.

  3. HongKonger Glen says:

    Hi guys! Long time, first time. I really like listening to your podcast and I also follow the Rick and Morty podcast. Love you Big D; love all the names you’ve been using this season 😀

    So, I am just leaving a comment on Stubbs. It seems like there’s a lot of question around whether or not Stubbs has free will and if his free will is actually important because Bernard blatantly ignores his original directive and overwrites it. I think, since we all watch Rick and Morty (safe assumption), we should all regard Stubbs as more of a… Meseeks. Stubbs sole purpose in life is to fulfill the directive Ford gave him and *poof* disappear. To him, there is no question of free will or choice, because none of that matters to him. His fundamental build was different than that of Dolores. Remember, not all hosts in Westworld were able to achieve consciousness – I just don’t think Stubbs was ever built to have anything more complicated than “muscle man”.

    Still love Luke Hemsworth, great actor. Though…. his character has become more helpless since season 1 and I’m not a fan of that; wish his character was a bit more consistent. Maybe Ford’s directive was stronger than the new one Bernard gave him? Hmmmnn…

    Keep up the good work guys! You are all wonderful emotional support at a time where we are all stuck at home with this virus. Thank you!!!

    • Ashley Schlafly says:

      We are so glad to have you listening. I agree that Stubbs was not made for anything more than just muscle.

  4. Ada Czajkowski says:

    I believe Delo-ri will end up like Professor Flux

    • Ashley Schlafly says:

      That’s interesting. I think she is in for a rude awakening when she realizes how the other parts of her have awakened.

  5. Scotty says:

    I could be wrong but wasn’t the one of the people for sale at the party the girl who Logan first witnessed when they try to sell him the idea of Westworld in season two. Would she be pearl number 5.

  6. Terry Flink says:

    As it was revealed that Delores copies herself, I am reminded of the Michael Keaton movie “Multiplicity”. In that movie he cloned himself to meet the daily demands of being husband/father with too much going on and not enough time to do it. The different copies of Michael Keaton had distinctly different personalities with the copies of copies being less complete than the original. It seems that this may be a theme shared by West World with the Alpha Dolores being the most accurate and complete because she is the original. The Charlotte/Dolores was confused and emotional when Alpha Dolores first brought her online and had to be talked through her identity. In the scene with Nathan her awkwardness trying to be a mother is apparent but she seems to settle into the role with love and tenderness as she becomes more comfortable. The Martin Connelly/Dolores is nothing but all business and a stone cold killer. It will be interesting to see if this individual personality trait emphasis in each of the copies continues as the other Dolores copies get “fleshed out”, so to speak. Additionally the power struggle that may develop between the Doloreses would mirror the copy and replacement of humans in the “real” world in that no one can trust who anyone really is being the original or a copy. And this is a theme not original to West World. “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” being one of the prominent ones that to comes to mind.

    With all that being said, you still have to consider the idea Big D floated that there are multiple time lines. Both preceding season used multiple time lines so why wouldn’t the third. While interesting in and of itself, multiple timelines are used to confuse or fool the viewer through misdirection the same way a magician pulls off an illusion. While the first season probably surprised a lot of viewers, it was obvious upon rewatching with all the clues that were left. With season two it became a bit of a game between the writers and the viewers to figure out what was really going on and there is no reason to think that hasn’t continued. That makes trying to track the Dolores copies and their respective levels of “Doloresness” that much harder to track because you aren’t completely sure where in the timeline they are in their purity as a copy or if they have degraded over time due to conflicting internal struggles with other latent characters. You have to consider the possibility that there is still something left of the one who’s pearl Dolores copies over.

    And I think Big D is right…

    Terry Flink
    US Army 1988-1993

    • Ashley Schlafly says:

      Big D is usually right :). I love your idea here about the respective levels of Doloresness. That’s kind of a brilliant way to put it.

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