Blue Thunder (1983)

Blue Thunder Quote: “Christ! Any closer and we start eating blades!” – Lymangood

Before there was “Airwolf,” before there was “Fire Birds,” one movie stood alone as the epitome of helicopter action: “Blue Thunder.” It’s the movie that inspired Big D to be a pilot, showed us how to “”dust”” a perp, and made JAFO a household name.

It also taught a 10-year-old in the UK how to cuss. And that 10-year-old grew up to be Shat The Movies commissioner Omar, who somehow understood “Blue Thunder” was about the surveillance state and police militarization. We just thought it was about naked high-rise yoga.

Starring three legitimate badasses—Roy Scheider, Warren Oates and Malcolm McDowell—”Blue Thunder” illustrated what happens when combat veterans and single moms don’t reach out for help, why it’s weird to sexualize machines, how to dodge a missile in a crowded urban area and why looping a helicopter isn’t all that useful.

Warning: Do not watch this movie while sitting between co-workers on a Southwest Airlines flight. Or, if you do, make sure your tray table is covering your lap.

Plot Summary: “Blue Thunder” Frank Murphy is a courageous and honourable Los Angeles police officer who is chosen to test run Blue Thunder, a high-tech experimental attack helicopter. While flying Blue Thunder, Murphy and his partner discover that the government intends to use the helicopter for corrupt crowd control and surveillance.

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