Spies Like Us (1985)

Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Steve Forrest, Donna Dixon, Bruce Davison, Terry Gilliam, Frank Oz, Vanessa Angel, Bernie Casey, Charles McKeown, William Prince, Bob Hope, Joel Coen, Sam Raimi, Martin Brest, Tom Hatten, James Daughton, Jim Staahl, Bjarne Thomsen, Sergei Rusakov, Costa-Gavras, Seva Novgorodtsev, Stephen Hoye, Ray Harryhausen, Mark Stewart, Sean Daniel, Jeff Harding, Heidi Sorenson, Margo Random, Douglas Lambert, Christopher Malcolm, Terrance Conder, Matt Frewer, Tony Cyrus, Gusti Bogok, Derek Meddings, Robert Paynter, Gurdial Sira, Michael Apted, B.B. King, Larry Cohen, Ricco Ross, Richard D. Sharp, Stuart Milligan, Sally Anlauf, John Daveikis, Laurence Bilzerian, Richard Kruk, Heather Henson, Erin Folsey, Bob Swaim, Nancy Gair, Guy Standeven

Spies Like Us Quote: “Jesus, where did you learn your Russian? JCPenney?” – Emmett Fitz-Hume

A lot of love went into this “Shat The Movies” episode. And a lot of love was lost.

Listener Danny Jr.’s wife lovingly commissioned “Spies Like Us” as a ninth anniversary gift. And Danny Jr. lovingly dedicated it to his late father, a double-VCR-owning pioneer. And we love the love they share.

But love can be a fickle thing, especially when it comes to Chevy Chase. Roger adored him in “Christmas Vacation,” and Big D cheered him in “Caddyshack.” But “Spies Like Us” is the movie that broke the Pakistani camel’s back.

Where was the funny man we know and love? Why were women acting like Chevy was attractive? What happened to his hair?

Even a young and hirsute Dan Aykroyd, a stoic and steely Steve Forrest, a shapely Vanessa Angel, and cameos galore couldn’t deliver this movie that was written for comedians by comedians.

In this episode, the Shat Crew discusses what they’d do with their last minutes on Earth, the Fart Shift Eye Transfer, U.S. foreign policy, military training, the Florida woman who bit a camel’s testicles, and why Paul McCartney is the worst.

Plot Summary: “Spies Like Us” Looking for a way out of their mundane government jobs, Austin Millbarge (Dan Aykroyd) and Emmett Fitz-Hume (Chevy Chase) take the entrance exam for a CIA espionage program. Immediately chosen to take part in a top-secret mission in the Middle East by the officious Gen. Sline (Steve Forrest), the new recruits are set upon by Soviet forces in Afghanistan. Soon it becomes clear that the hapless pair are being used as decoys to expose the Russians for a Cold War nuclear showdown.

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